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S'mores Smoothie

Laura Galvan Oct 23 2020
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Pineapple Smoothie Bowls

Laura Galvan Sep 25 2020
Frontpage BlogGreensImmunityProteinRecipes

Fall Pumpkin Smoothie

Laura Galvan Sep 18 2020
Frontpage BlogGreensImmunityRecipes

Minty Blueberry Smoothie Bowl

Laura Galvan Sep 11 2020
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Date Power Bites

Laura Galvan Sep 5 2020
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Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Everywhere: Five Creative Ways to Incorporate this Fall Staple into Your Lifestyle this Season

Laura Galvan Oct 19 2020
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How to Practice Self-Care During Stressful Times

Laura Galvan Oct 15 2020
DietFrontpage BlogHealthWellness

More Trust, More Transparency

Laura Galvan Oct 6 2020
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Vitamin D: SO Much More than Just a Vitamin

Laura Galvan Aug 12 2020
Science Field

It’s Time to Rethink Immunity

Laura Galvan Apr 15 2020
Science Field

Gigartina Red Marine Algae: When "Going Viral" is a "Red" Alert

Keven Mar 4 2020
Powders in the Press

Vibrant Health Honored with Top Black-Owned Business Listing

Vibrant Health, owned by Ted and Paige Parker, is proud to be listed among the top black-owned businesses in the United States, according to “From technology and manufacturing to food services and media, these companies represent the revenue and employment leaders of black business as well as…

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Vibrant Health Launches Their First Ever Travel Pack

Vibrant Health, creator of the most award-winning nutritional supplements on the planet, has launched a new and improved Immune Defense formula- now available in convenient travel packs! In Immune Defense Version 4.0, Vibrant Health has returned to its roots with 500 milligrams of bovine immunoglobulins per serving: 100…

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Vibrant Flora Improved Bowel Support Wins Prestigious Digestion Award

Vibrant Flora Improved Bowel Support received a 2018 Digestion Supplement Award from remedies, a division of Taste for Life magazine. Vibrant Flora Improved Bowel Support is manufactured by Vibrant Health, a industry-leading superfood supplement company. This is the fourth award  this product has won. For their annual digestion awards…

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Maximum Vibrance Wins Delicious Living Supplement Award

Superfood supplement manufacturer Vibrant Health is proud to announce their product Maximum Vibrance has won a sought-after 2018 Delicious Living Supplement Award. Maximum Vibrance combines Vibrant Health’s flagship green superfood complex, Green Vibrance, with antioxidant blend, Spectrum Vibrance, plant based protein, and organic vitamins and minerals. Delicious Living…

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