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7 Chocolate Recipes That are Actually Good for You

February is here and in addition to celebrating your sweetheart, it’s also Celebration of Chocolate Month — dedicated to everyone’s favorite sweet treat. But just because it tastes delectable doesn’t mean it’s bad for you. Dark chocolate has long been touted for its rich source of flavonoids and antioxidants. Studies have shown that consuming cocoa (which is found at a higher percentage in pure dark chocolate as it’s less processed)...

Festive Chocolate Mousse with a Healthy Twist

'Tis the season for sharing joy, love, and... secretly healthy desserts! This Holiday Chocolate Mousse is a delightful treat that’s sure to surprise and impress your family and friends. With the richness of chocolate and a hidden boost of superfoods from Green Vibrance Chocolate Coconut, this dessert is your secret weapon for a guilt-free holiday indulgence. Ingredients: 2 ripe avocados, peeled and pitted 1 ripe banana 4 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa...

Caramel Apple Green Smoothie

There are two things that I, and almost everyone else loves during the fall. Pumpkins and Apples. From apple picking to pumpkin lattes, it’s a lot to be excited about. For this smoothie recipe we’re going to focus on the apple side of things.  If you’re in the mood for a sweet apple smoothie, check it out below.  Ingredients 1 scoop Green Vibrance +Protein 2 Granny Smith apples 2 Medjool...

Simple Creamsicle Smoothie

The creamsicle was created in the early 1900’s by Frank Epperson, and the rest is history. The combination of ice cream in the middle with the coated orange shell has become a timeless treat loved by many. Because of this, we wanted to create a healthy smoothie to recreate this creamsicle flavor, but without the added sugars and preservatives found in the commercial popsicle version. It doesn’t only mimic the...

Simple Chocolate Protein Smoothie

If you’re someone who likes to work out frequently, our Simple Chocolate Protein Smoothie is a smoothie that will help you hit your protein goals while also giving you a tasty treat. All the ingredients of this smoothy make for a creamy, chocolatey, and slightly nutty smoothie all with the added superfood benefits of Maximum Vibrance.  Ingredients: 1 scoop Maximum Vibrance Chocolate Chunk 6 oz. vanilla yogurt 1/2 cup almond...

Creamy Mango Spinach Smoothie

If you’re a mango fan like I am, you're going to love this one. Every single ingredient in this smoothie plays a role. The frozen mango provides the taste, avocado provides the creamy texture, and the spinach is a mild tasting green that adds to the nutritional value.  Let’s dive into how to make this smoothie.    Ingredients: 1 Cup of Frozen Mango 1/2 an Avocado 1 Cup of Packed...