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Backed by science and formulated for human biology.


We respect your right to know what goes into every product, by disclosing the exact weight of each ingredient in every scoop, right on the label. With Vibrant Health, you always know exactly what you’re consuming. If it’s good for you, there shouldn’t be anything to hide.


We carefully source and supply every ingredient: a complex process referred to as tolling. The source of every ingredient in our products is managed in-house, resulting in an unmatched level of product quality and proper potency.


The ingredients in our products are ethically and expertly chosen to be of utmost quality, then blended to form supplements at effective, therapeutic doses. And the process is never truly finished: each product evolves with the latest nutritional science.



Mango Mint Smoothie

Keven Sep 13 2019
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Banana Bread Smoothie Bowl

Clayton Bagnall Aug 21 2019

Green Vibrance Green Goddess Smoothie

Clayton Bagnall Apr 5 2019
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