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Nutrition For The Different Stages Of Life

There is no doubt that we have different requirements for nutrients, vitamins, and minerals at various stages of growth and development. But there is a recipe of eating that benefits most people for life. This eating pattern should feature whole, unprocessed foods, various colorful fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, fiber, and protein. This way of eating is the most widely studied diet, the Mediterranean diet.1 However, even following this healthy...

8 Ways To Protect Yourself From Lyme Disease This Summer!

Bug trouble is big trouble Getting out in nature is vital for our mental and physical health, yet we must remember to take precautions! Dangers are lurking in the grass that can be deadly. I know this firsthand! I worked in a wellness center where I listened to and witnessed endless stories of just how devastating Lyme disease can be. Not only physically and mentally but also financially! I am...

What Makes a Food a Superfood?

By Dr. Matt Marturano   Superfood. It‚s a term that we have seen more and more often in the marketplace. On the other hand, no new foods have been discovered in recent history. What‚s changed?   In short, it‚s two things: research and marketing.   Let‚s talk about marketing first. According to Google Trends, searches for the term ‚superfood‚ have increased about 250% over the last ten years1. Marketers have taken...

Humans‚ Symbiotic Relationship With Plants

  “We realize we are already in a relationship with plants because of the mere fact that we breathe. When we become conscious of the source of this breath our relationship deepens. When we pay attention to the fact that we are exhaling carbon dioxide which the plants are breathing in we then shift into the symbiotic reality of exchange of breath with all the green beings. We are constantly...

Bad Bacteria - Give Your Body the Defense It Needs

Individuals whose diets are rifled with processed foods and refined carbohydrates run a greater risk of infection. Intestinal linings in these individuals are more likely to be held together with more fragile and easily penetrable connective tissues. The integrity and strength of the critical barriers that divide their insides from the teeming legions of clamoring invaders on the outside is compromised. Microscopic perforations or lesions may appear that could allow...

Trilogy: Getting Ahead of the Doctor's Advice

Enough influential voices have been raised within the orthodox medical community ‚first from the research community and then from respected practicing physicians ‚to create momentum for recognition of the efficacy of at least a few dietary supplements. Multivitamins and minerals were first to gain acceptance. That was an easy choice for doctors to make. After all, the first vitamins were each associated with terrible deficiency diseases that could be cured...