Ka'chava Review, Does it Live Up to the Hype?

Ka'chava Review, Does it Live Up to the Hype?

If you’ve ever bought a protein supplement online, listened to the Joe Rogan podcast, or have any other likes or online behaviors that would indicate that you are interested in health & fitness, you’ve likely been targeted by a Ka’Chava ad at some point in your time online. 

Some supplement companies put all of their budgets into advertising and marketing with little attention paid to the quality of the product, but Ka’Chava is one that meets the best of both worlds. With multiple flavors to choose from, a decent price, and a plant-based protein & superfood supplement that is jam-packed with nutrients, the product scores pretty well in many respects that are necessary for a good supplement.

But does Ka’Chava live up to the hype, and are there better alternatives out there? Those are the questions that we will answer in this article.

What is Ka’Chava?

Ka’Chava can be difficult to nail down to any one particular supplement category because it includes so many nutritional benefits but is lacking in others. We like to call it a plant-based protein & superfood supplement because it contains elements of each. Some call Ka’Chava a meal replacement shake or even an “all-in-one ultimate whole body meal,” but at only 240 calories it doesn’t quite pack enough punch to be a meal replacement. 

While many diet gurus have taught people that calories are bad, evil, and to be avoided at all costs, the reality is that food is fuel, and as a scientific term, calories are nothing more than a way to measure the amount of energy contained in that fuel. Think of it this way: when you go to the gas station, you have three options for the regular types of gas, which vary by the octane rating of the fuel.

If you were to try and fill the tank of a Ferarri with the low-octane cheap gas, how do you think that supercar would perform? If you guessed that you wouldn’t likely make it to the end of the block, you are correct. Calories are the same, in that they are what is needed to fuel this machine that is the human body. If you don’t put enough fuel (calories) into your own personal supercar that is your body, don’t be surprised if you don’t have the energy to get up off the couch. 

So while we disagree that Ka’Chava is a meal replacement, we do believe that it would be a great replacement for some of those mid-morning and mid-day, between-meal snacks that we may be eating when nobody is looking. You know the ones we mean - that secret stash of sugar that is hiding in your desk for your mid-morning or post-lunch slump? 

The human body and brain are really quite amazing, but also peculiar and maddening at times. Your brain causes your body to crave the absolute worst foods for you when you are tired, stressed, or aren’t taking in enough protein or fiber. This is why after those late nights at the office or out on the town, you begin to crave the junk that you know you shouldn’t be eating on the way home and before bed. Salt, sugar, and fried foods - exactly the same garbage that you shouldn’t be putting into your body at all.

Ka’Chava can provide an opportunity to disrupt that unhealthy cycle if used correctly. With 25g of plant-based protein, 4-7g of fiber, only 5-6g of added sugar, 7-8g of fat, and 21-25g of carbs, Ka’Chava has everything that your body needs to make it feel satiated even when those cravings strike, and to make you feel fuller longer between meals (or after late night work sessions). 

Beyond those basics is where Ka’Chava and other plant-based protein & superfood supplements like it really shine. These products are created to ensure that your body is getting all of its necessary nutrients no matter what else you take in during the day, and the really good ones go well above & beyond your basic dietary guidelines from the USDA.

The ingredients in Ka’Chava are sourced from over 85 different superfoods and include plant-based protein (25g of it), super greens, omega fatty acids & MCTs, vitamins, minerals, adaptogens (meant to help your body better deal with stress), probiotics, fiber (needed for your body to digest & absorb nutrients but also helps you feel fuller longer), super mushrooms, antioxidant berries, and digestive enzymes. That’s a lot of nutrition to put into a single glass.

Is Ka’Chava Good for Me?

Ka’Chava is certainly good for you, there’s no questioning that. But just how good for you is it? That’s a question that nobody outside of the company can honestly answer, for reasons that we’ll go through below.

Does Ka’Chava Live Up to the Hype?

A disturbing trend that we’ve seen from greens, superfood, and plant-based supplement companies alike is to hide the exact amounts of their ingredients behind “proprietary blends” rather than listing them directly on the label. While this may not seem like an important feature to you, it is actually very significant if you understand the science of nutrition and how various studies determine the benefits offered by different ingredients. 

There is a range of different nutritional ingredients that have been scientifically proven to provide certain health benefits or alleviation of symptoms through rigorous testing in a laboratory setting. This is how supplement companies are allowed to tout the health benefits of their products - they can’t just guess or use old wives’ tales, they have to have proven evidence that the ingredients provide them.

But as with everything, there is another element to whether the ingredients in supplements can provide the benefits that they claim, and that all boils down to how much of the supplement is included. Take maca root, for example. Maca is an adaptogen (as we said above, a natural ingredient that helps your body to respond to stress). Studies have shown that when taken in increments of 3-3.5g per day (3000-3500mg), maca has been proven to enhance a positive mood, increase libido, and even reduce symptoms of depression.

Taken below that limit, however, there is no scientific evidence that maca provides any benefit. Maca is one of the ingredients in the Ka’Chava adaptogen blend, which itself is only 1020mg and has six different ingredients within it. So if maca is required to be taken in 3.5mg increments and the Ka’Chava adaptogen blend only has 1.2mg altogether - I think you can see where we’re going with this. It’s not likely that Ka’Chava has enough to provide any of the actual health benefits of maca root.

The same goes for all of the other nutritional superfoods and super elements that are included in the Ka’Chava formula. While they make great window dressing and allow the company to make various claims about health benefits it may provide, without an actual, line-by-line accounting of how much of these ingredients are in a serving, we don’t know if they provide any of the benefits that they are able to.

For that reason, to be quite honest, there is no way of knowing if Ka’Chava lives up to its hype. We know it’s nutritious, and we know how much protein, fat, sugar, etc are in the drink, but we can’t verify any of the other claims, or if any of the other ingredients are there in sufficient quantities. 

Is there a Better Option than Ka’Chava?

Consumers who find their way to Ka’Chava generally fall into two different camps: those who are looking for a good plant-based protein to add to their diet, or those who are trying to supercharge their diet with a superfood supplement to ensure that they’re getting everything that they need on a daily basis.

The fact that Ka’Chava (and a lot of other supplement companies) hide their ingredient amounts behind their proprietary blends gives us a lot of heartburn, but we have found one company that not only provides absolute transparency in their ingredient labels, but that also has alternative supplements to Ka’Chava whether you are looking for plant-based protein or simply a superfood greens supplement.

Green Vibrance by Vibrant Health

We already mentioned that as health-conscious and educated people, the absolute transparency of the ingredient list from Vibrant Health in their products makes us very happy. That, however, is only a tiny fraction of why we love their products so much. On top of that, the products from this company are non-GMO certified, plant-based, soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly, which means that they can be utilized by those following just about any type of diet.

Green Vibrance is a greens superfood supplement that, while it doesn’t have a lot of protein, has just about every other nutrient that your body needs - and then some. A glass of Green Vibrance per day can be utilized to ensure that you are getting all of the fruit and vegetables into your diet that are needed. While it should be taken in addition to eating a healthy diet, Green Vibrance packs so much nutrition into a single glass that it provides most of the USDA recommended doses for nearly all of your daily vitamins and minerals. 

On top of the basics, Green Vibrance also provides the three main cereal grasses (wheatgrass, oat grass, and barley grass) in both leaf and juice powder form, meaning that you reap the health benefits of these powerful natural compounds. It also provides 11 different sources of vegetable-derived plant-based micronutrition, including spirulina, spinach, kale, broccoli, beetroot juice, and many more.

In addition to the greens-based nutrition, Green Vibrance also packs 14 sets of antioxidants from their fruits and super fruits, including goji berry, acerola (which has more Vitamin C than oranges and lemons), turmeric, camu camu, Ginkgo biloba, green tea, pomegranate, and many more. 

As if that weren’t enough, this superfood greens supplement also includes nutritional elements that provide your body with immune support, adaptogens, skeletal support, liver support, plenty of fiber, enzymes & tonics, and it even packs in 25 billion CFUs of probiotics from 12 different strains. These all work to ensure your digestion and gut health are up to shape, and that your good bacteria can eliminate the bad in your body.

Most importantly, there are line-item listings for every single ingredient listed above, meaning that you know exactly what you are paying for & getting with Green Vibrance.

Maximum Vibrance by Vibrant Health

If you found Ka’Chava because you were more interested in plant-based protein than green superfood ingredients, we have good news for you. Maximum Vibrance by Vibrant Health provides the same ingredient list transparency, all of the benefits of a green superfood powder listed above, but it packs in a whopping 22g of plant-based protein on top of all of that.

Maximum Vibrance also only provides 150 calories per serving, so like Ka’Chava it shouldn’t be used as a total meal replacement, but can be a great way to supplement your daily diet, ensure that you’re getting enough protein, and knock out those junk food or sugar-fueled snacks that are hurting your waistline and health goals.

Wrapping Up 

Ka’Chava has put a lot of time, money, and effort into the marketing and advertising campaigns, and thankfully the product is pretty good and packs a lot of nutritional benefits into a single serving. People that are interested in supercharging their health have likely been targeted by these ads online, but while Ka’Chava is a good way to ensure you are getting more nutrition in your daily regimen, it isn’t the best out there, nor is it the best bang for your buck.

If you found Ka’Chava because you are trying to elevate your health goals to another level, we recommend that you try Green Vibrance or Maximum Vibrance instead. Green Vibrance helps to add all of the green superfood benefits to your diet, while Maximum Vibrance provides the same in addition to a whopping 22g of plant-based, vegan-friendly protein.

Ka’Chava is certainly good for you, but for the reasons listed above, we have to say that it doesn’t live up to its hype. Green Vibrance and Maximum Vibrance certainly do, which is why these are our choices for greens superfood supplements and plant-based proteins.