Best All In One Supplements in 2023

Best All In One Supplements in 2023

In our fast-paced world, efficiency has become a priority in all aspects of life, and this includes the food we consume daily.

One hot topic that often comes up in these discussions is the role of all-in-one supplements. People are keen to know if these supplements can effectively replace or complement a balanced diet, and if so, which ones are the cream of the crop.

Below, we will dive into if all in one supplements are necessary along with which ones are the very best.

Overview Of All Mentioned Supplements

Supplement Name


Key Features



Nature Made Multivitamin Complete

$10.49 ($0.08 / Count)

Comprehensive coverage of vitamins and minerals, third-party tested, no artificial flavoring, gluten-free, contains zero preservatives

Affordable, increased energy, recommended by doctors

Pills may bother stomach, large pill size, not preferred taste, short expiration date

Thorne Basic Nutrients 2/Day

$27.00 (0.45/serving)

High-quality ingredients, four rounds of testing, sustainability, high bioavailability, NSF certified for sport

Easy to swallow, improvement in overall well-being, reduction in anxiety and depression, improved focus and energy

Unbearable smell and taste, some reported fatigue, high B6 levels may increase anxiety

Hippo7 Vegan Complete Multivitamin

$35.10 (0.59 per serving)

Vegan, non-GMO & gluten-free, contains Omega 3’s, 1000% of the daily recommended intake of Vitamin B12

Increased energy, improved cognitive ability, improved skin, hair, and nails, relief for vegans, less stomach pain

Bad smell, contains Carrageenan, fishy taste

Are All In One Supplements Good?

Whether or not all in one supplements are good or not really varies from individual to individual.

This comes down to the fact that everyone’s diet is completely different.

Some people may cover every single aspect of supplementation through what they eat on a daily basis, while others can’t seem to get it right.

However, according to this study, at 92% percent of the U.S population is deficient in at least one mineral or vitamin. 

So to answer the question, all in one supplements are definitely good for most people.

What To Look For When It Comes To All In One Supplements

Obviously, if every all in one supplement was the same, you wouldn’t be here. But how exactly should you differentiate them? Below we will go over the things to look out for when it comes to all in one supplements. 

Third Party Verification

Even when a supplement is approved by the FDA,  it doesn't mean that every single ingredient was verified to be in the supplement. This is where third party verification comes in. Third party verification is when the supplement gets sent to a third party that has no vested interest in the supplement. Their job is to test it to make sure everything they say is in there, is actually in there.

So the first box you should check is third party verification. This in our opinion is the most important because it ensures integrity. 

One That Suits Individual Needs

There’s a reason why customized all in one supplements are becoming more and more popular. This is because like we mentioned above, everyone is different. You need to check with your healthcare provider to make sure the supplement you’re going to take is good for you individually.


The supplement should contain nutrients in forms that are easily absorbed and utilized by the body. Some forms of vitamins and minerals are more bioavailable than others.

Comprehensive Nutrient Profile

A good all-in-one supplement should provide a wide range of essential vitamins and minerals. This includes vitamins A, C, D, E, and K, as well as B vitamins, and minerals like calcium, magnesium, zinc, and iron.

Now that we went over what makes a good all in one supplement, let's dive into the very best ones.

Best All In One Supplements On The Market

#1 Trilogy - Non Vegan: $44 (one time purchase) Vegan: $47.20

Benefits of Combining Omega 3's, Probiotics, and Multivitamins:

  • Omega 3's: Essential for brain health, reducing inflammation, and supporting heart health.
  • Probiotics: Aid in digestive health, boost the immune system, and maintain a balanced gut microbiome.
  • Multivitamins: Provide a broad spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals, ensuring overall well-being.
Is There Any Specific Benefit To Combining The Three?

According to research, there are distinct advantages to combining omega-3's, probiotics, and multivitamins. When taken together, these supplements can offer synergistic health benefits that may be more potent than when consumed separately. For instance, there's evidence suggesting that the consumption of probiotics alongside omega-3 fatty acids can enhance the delivery of the probiotic to the gut.

The Vibrant Health Trilogy Approach:

  • Vibrant Health's Trilogy offers a unique blend of the three most recommended supplements, ensuring a holistic approach to health.
  • The combination ensures that individuals receive the full spectrum of nutrients required for optimal health.
  • By integrating these three key supplements into one, individuals can simplify their daily routine while ensuring they receive all the essential nutrients.

Supplement Facts

Trilogy (Non-Vegan)

Trilogy's non-vegan formula, known as Triloav, contains Omega-3 sourced from mercury-free anchovies. Anchovies are known to provide essential nutrients that support brain health, cardiovascular support, and aid in reducing inflammation. These fatty acids, particularly Omega-3s, are pivotal in promoting healthy vision, aiding cognitive function, and supporting overall well-being.

Trilogy Vegan

Contains Omega-3 derived from algal. Rich in EPA and DHA, algal-derived omega-3 offers numerous health benefits. It supports brain function, heart health, and reduces inflammation, all while being sustainable and vegan-friendly.

What Makes Vibrant Products So Special: Why Is Trilogy Legitimate

Trilogy is not ranked number one by accident. Vibrant Health does many things to ensure their products are in contention for #1 product no matter what kind of product it is. So what makes Vibrant Health so trustworthy? 


When you look above at the ingredients list you’ll realize one thing. Everythings there. It may look overwhelming, but that’s exactly what a supplement label should look like. Transparency is key and Vibrant Health never uses proprietary blends, this way you know exactly what you’re getting. 

Quality Assurance:

Vibrant Health's commitment to quality is unparalleled. Every batch of Trilogy undergoes rigorous testing to ensure purity, potency, and safety. This means that consumers can trust that they are getting a product free from contaminants and that delivers on its promises.

Value For The Money

The price of Trilogy is very good when you take into consideration that it has omega 3’s. Probiotics, and multivitamin within it. 2 capsules per day with 30 servings is a great deal for the prices mentioned above. 

Non-stop evolution

Vibrant Health has been in business for so long because they believe in staying with the times. They take new scientific research seriously and are always on the lookout for innovative ingredients and formulations that can enhance the efficacy of their products.

#2 Nature Made Multivitamin Complete - $10.49  ($0.08 / Count)

The second  brand on our list is Nature Made. Nature Made was founded in 1971 by Barry Pressman and Henry Burdick, and since then they have come a very long way. 

You can now find a multitude of their supplements in almost every major store, and they are recommended by pharmacists left and right

Due to decades of research under their belt, they put out quality supplements that you could trust. They don’t just talk the talk, they also walk the walk. Every single supplement they put out is third party tested so you know they’re as good as advertised.

Supplement Facts

As you could see above, the vitamins and minerals in Nature Made Multivitamin Complete contains a comprehensive coverage of vitamins and minerals to make sure you’re getting everything you need.

Are There Any Downsides To The Ingredients?

Added Iron

First off, it contains added iron. A lot of people are able to get the iron they need through dieting. So for some people the added 18 MG of iron contained in this multivitamin may not necessarily be the greatest. 

It’s known that you shouldn’t take more than 45 mg, and going over could harm your health. 

Suitability for Different Dietary Needs

If you have dietary restrictions, it’s important to check if this supplement is right for you before anything else. Let’s take a look if any of the ingredients could possibly prevent someone with dietary restrictions from taking it.

Nature Made Nature Made Multivitamin Complete contains no artificial flavoring, is gluten free, contains zero preservatives, and contains 0 yeast or gluten.

So for people that need to abide by a gluten free diet, this supplement is ok.

In terms of being vegan, this product contains gelatin, which is widely known to come from animal sources. So if you’re a vegan, this probably isn’t the right supplement for you. 

Pros and Cons According To Customers


  • Many customers mentioned the affordable price.
  • A customer who mentioned they don’t eat many veggies got blood work and their results came back great. This shows the quality of the vitamin.
  • Multiple people mentioned increased energy shortly after beginning
  • People mentioned that their Dr. recommended them, which shows it is definitely an all in one supplement.


  • Some people mentioned the pills bothering their stomach, especially if they didn’t eat (this is common with multivitamins).
  • Customers mentioned they were on the larger side and it made them hard to swallow.
  • The taste wasn’t a preference for many.
  • Quite a few customers mentioned the expiration date came way before they were able to finish the amount they were given. 

Who Are These For Specifically?

It’s always important to check with your healthcare provider, but some people who are in need of multivitamins with added iron supplementation may benefit from taking these.

#2 Thorne Basic Nutrients 2/Day - $27.00 (0.45/serving)

Thorne takes immense pride in their commitment to crafting products of uncompromising quality. This unwavering dedication is seen in the rigorous processes and protocols they follow to ensure their products are of the highest possible standards.

Here are a few ways they show their dedication to high standards.

Sourcing Only The Best Ingredients

Thorne only partners with suppliers who share their dedication to quality.

Each ingredient is thoroughly tested (We’ll get more into that shortly) to make them formulate products for optimal potency, absorption, and digestibility.

Four Rounds Of Testing

As mentioned above, each ingredient is thoroughly tested. This is done not once, twice, three, but four times. They go above and beyond to test the raw materials as well as the finished product.


Last but not least, Thorne believes that ecological and cultural responsibility is also important. They do everything in their power to reduce their carbon footprint and safeguard the environment.

They do this by focusing on using recyclable materials, and also use ingredients that aren’t endangered. 

As more and more research is done on sustainability, Thorne makes sure they stay in line with all new findings. 

Supplement Facts

Now let’s dive into what makes Thorne Basic Nutrients 2/Day different.

Contains All The Ingredients You Need

Thorne Basic Nutrients 2/Day contains all the necessary nutrients you need to live a healthy lifestyle. On top of this, it doesn’t include any unnecessary additives. It’s designed to give you foundational support for a healthy heart, brain, nerves, immune system, bones and skin.


One of the most important aspects of a multivitamin is its bioavailability. This is because if you can’t absorb the nutrients, what’s the point exactly?

When it comes to Thorne Basic Nutrients 2/Day, the supplement is specifically made for bioavailability which is an added plus.

NSF Certified For Sport

Sometimes it’s hard for athletes to find supplements that don’t have any ingredients on the banned substance list. Thorne Basic Nutrients 2/Day is NSF certified for sport, meaning Thorne went through the necessary testing to make sure that the multivitamin was tested for banned substances.

Suitability for Different Dietary Needs

When it comes to suitability for different dietary needs, Thorne Basic Nutrients 2/Day is free from gluten, dairy, and soy. However, for vegans, it's important to note that this supplement contains Vitamin D3, which is derived from lanolin. Lanolin is sourced from sheep's wool, making this supplement not suitable for a vegan diet.

Pros and Cons According To Customers (Amazon Reviews)


  • Easy To Swallow, As You Have To Take Two Per Day
  • Improvement in overall well-being, many people mentioned how fast the difference was.
  • Many mentions of better test results at the Doctor after adding these to their regimen. 
  • Reduction in anxiety and depression reduced greatly for some people.
  • Many customers have been taking them for a long period of time and refuse to take anything else.
  • A few people mentioned improved focus.
  • Improved energy was mentioned frequently throughout the reviews.


  • Many users reported that the smell was unbearable
  • Many people said that the taste was right up there with the smell
  • Some people mentioned fatigue
  • Due to the high B6 levels within the supplement, people said their blood tests resulted in super high b6 levels. They also said this resulted in increased anxiety.

Who Is Thorne Basic 2/Day For?

Other than vegans, Thorne Basic 2/Day is good for most people. However, the biggest thing to look into is your B6 levels. If they are already high, the amount contained within this supplement may put you over the top and result in anxiety.

It’s important to consult with your healthcare provider first.

#3 Hippo7 Vegan Complete Multivitamin - $35.10 (0.59 per serving)

Since we haven’t touched on any all-in-one supplements good for Vegans. Our next one is one that definitely covers this aspect.

Hippo 7 is strictly a plant-based brand. Any supplement they make, from their multivitamin down to their protein powder, cruelty free is the number one priority.

Not only do they take pride in making cruelty free multivitamins, but all of their supplements are made with high quality ingredients and are free from artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.

Supplement Facts

Great Supplement For Vegans

This particular multivitamin stands out due to its excellent balance of essential vitamins and minerals, making it an ideal choice, especially for those following a vegan diet. Following a vegan lifestyle can sometimes make it challenging to obtain certain nutrients in sufficient quantities. Key among these are vitamin B12, iron, and calcium.

Contains Omega 3’s Which is A Plus

Hippo-7 contains a vegan source of omega 3’s. Omega 3’s help with brain health, heart health, reducing inflammation, and more.

Are There Any Downsides To Hippo 7 Supplement Facts?

It's widely recognized that vegans can often be deficient in Vitamin B12. Hippo 7 addresses this issue by including 1000% of the daily recommended intake of Vitamin B12 in their supplement. While this percentage may seem excessive for a daily supplement, it's important to understand how Vitamin B12 works in our bodies. Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin, meaning our bodies absorb what they need and expel the rest through urine. This means that this issue really isn’t that much of an issue.

Suitability for Different Dietary Needs

This one checks all the boxes. All ingredients are vegan, non-GMO & gluten-free which is suitable for almost everyone.

Pros And Cons Of Hippo 7 According To Customers (Amazon Reviews)

  • Many people mentioned their energy reduction since going vegan. After supplementing with Hippo 7 complete multivitamin they claimed their energy levels went through the roof.
  • Increased cognitive ability for some customers. 
  • Some people mentioned that their skin, hair, and nails have improved since taking them.
  • Some mentions of labs coming back great at the Dr., which is a sign of the vitamins working.
  • It’s hard to find a good vegan multivitamin, so there was an overwhelming amount of reviews that mentioned the relief they felt when they found this one.
  • Not many people complain about stomach pain. With most multivitamins, this is one of the most common issues.


  • There were many complaints about receiving the capsules with a very bad smell. This led to them canceling their subscription.
  • Many people throughout the reviews weren’t a fan of the ingredient Carrageenan, which is used as a stabilizing agent. Some studies say that this could cause inflammation. 
  • Many people weren’t a huge fan of the fishy taste.


That’s all for our top all-in-one supplements. We hope that this helped you understand the role and benefits of all-in-one supplements.

It's important to choose a supplement that is third-party verified, suits your individual needs, and offers a comprehensive nutrient profile. Always remember to consult with a healthcare provider before starting any supplement regimen.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Can all-in-one supplements replace a balanced diet?

Just because you’re taking a good all in one supplement doesn’t mean that you could slack off and eat junk food. Make sure you still focus on living a good lifestyle all around. This includes exercise and other ways of taking care of yourself.

How long does it take to see results from taking an all-in-one supplement?

The individual taking them comes into play in this scenario as well. Some people have more deficiencies than others, some deficiencies are more serious than others, so the time it takes really depends on the person. You should allow for 4-6 weeks to see if the supplement works for you. 

How Should All In One Supplements Be Stored?

The biggest thing is to keep the supplements out of humidity and high temperatures. Anything from 59 degrees to 77 degrees fahrenheit is good.

Do all-in-one supplements have an expiration date?

Yes, all-in-one supplements should all contain an expiration date. On average they usually have a two year shelf life.

Are all-in-one supplements suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

Some of them contain ingredients that have animal derivatives, such as gelatin or fish oil. However, there are also all-in-one supplements specifically formulated for vegetarians and vegans, which exclude animal-derived ingredients. These plant-based alternatives use ingredients like plant proteins, algae-based omega-3 oils, and vegetable capsules.