Andrew Huberman Supplement List, What Should You Take?

Andrew Huberman Supplement List, What Should You Take?

There are so many supplements out there. So many that it could be hard to choose which ones to take and which ones to leave alone. 

Because of this, we often look to experts in order to form a solid supplement list that we could take on a daily basis.

One of those experts is Andrew Huberman. He’s mostly known for his podcast called the Huberman Lab podcast, which was started in 2021. However, Andrew has been involved in the field of neuroscience for over two decades, studying how our brains and bodies can optimize performance, recovery, and overall health.

His approach to supplementation is methodical and evidence based, which reflects his great understanding for human biology. 

Because of this, his personal supplement list is very extensive, tailored to support various aspects of health from brain function all the way down to getting good sleep at night.

So, with that being said, we are going to take a look into what Andrew Huberman takes on a regular basis and see if it’s realistic for someone who isn’t a neuroscientist. 

Andrew Huberman's Supplement List


Supplement List Break Down

As you could see, Andrews supplement list is very comprehensive. It targets his testosterone levels, sleep quality, mental focus, cognitive function, and general wellness.

For the regular person, who doesn’t have resources like Andrew Huberman, this list might be overwhelming. 

Not only is the list extensive, but the cost might be way too much. 

Also, when you take such an extensive regimen, you need to know when exactly to take each supplement.

This not only takes motivation, but also understanding and most of all, resources. 

It’s important to understand that Andrew is a renowned neuroscientist, and that this list is also created base on his personal needs, lifestyle, and objectives. In order to come up with this list, he most likely has gotten testing done for it to be spot on for him. He has access to research facilities and expertise that most people just don’t have access to. 

There’s also the amounts of every supplement he takes. He probably has it tailored to his body weight, activity level, and more. 

How You Can Get a Personalized List Like His

So you may be wondering how exactly you could get personalized nutrition just like Andrew. Well, it’s not that easy. This is because there are companies out there that personalize supplements for people, however, most of those companies don’t actually do in depth tests to see if the supplements are actually the best for you. In most cases, the company will have you take an online survey or quiz in order to give you supplements based on your answers. While this is good, it’s not the most beneficial way to find out what you need exactly.

There are some companies out there that will test for what you need to be taking on a regular basis, but a lot of those tests can be expensive. 

To optimize your supplement intake, you may want to start with a basic multivitamin.  However, if you want a more comprehensive approach, here’s your best bet. 

Trilogy: 3-in-1 Comprehensive Supplement

Instead of going crazy trying to come up with an extensive supplement list for yourself like Andrews, you should consider trying Trilogy. Triloy is a 3-in-1 supplement that combines three of the most recommended supplements which are a universal multivitamin (suitable for anyone), a choice between vegan and non-vegan omega-3’s, and last but not least a comprehensive probiotic. 

Breakdown Of Each Ingredient 

Below we’re going to go over exactly why Trilogy is a simple yet effective way to get everything you need, without going through the hassle of worrying about every little thing.


The vitamin within Trilogy is made to meet your diet in the middle to fill in any nutritional gaps. It’s not overly high in micronutrients and it gives you space to get in the rest through a healthy diet. It contains Vitamins A, B12, D3, E, and minerals like selenium and zinc.

The combination of these things helps support energy production, immune system function, and bone health. 

The multivitamin with Trilogy is a universal vitamin which makes it suitable for all adults, regardless of gender. 

Omega-3 Component

There are two different options when it comes to Trilogy’s omega-3’s as it’s available as fish oil or vegan algae oil to suit vegans and non-vegans.

Both options contain DHA and EPA in sufficient amounts (the most beneficial omega-3 fatty acids). 

There are many health benefits when it comes to the omega-3’s within Trilogy. It helps ormote cardiovascular health, cognitive function, and general wellbeing. 

Probiotic Content

Last but not least, Trilogy delivers 20 billion CFU’s of potent probiotics. 

The CFU’s are high, but the quality is also high, as the strains are bile-resistant (made to survive through the stomach to the intestines).

The benefits of probiotics are gut health, immune system support, mental health (gut and brain connection), and overall wellness. 

Benefits Of Taking Trilogy In Comparison To a Supplement List

There are many benefits to choosing Trilogy, let’s go over what they are.


Trilogy has all the essential nutrients you need in one supplement, getting rid of the need to order multiple supplements. 


Trilogy is typically more affordable than going out and getting multivitamins, omega-3’s, and probiotics separately.

Supports Overall Health

Taking this 3-in-1 formula helps with heart health, cognitive funciton, and immune system strength. 


Every ingredient within Trilogy is sourced carefully. Each and every batch is triple tested. Once when the ingredients are sourced, secondly when they get to the mixing center, and thirdly when the product is done being created. This is to ensure the best possibly product and customer safety.

Reduced Intake Time

With all the supplements that Andrew takes it seems like he may be taking supplements 90% of his day. With Trilogy, you only have to take 2 capsules throughout the day. 


From an economic standpoint, less packaging waste is also a great benefit to taking Trilogy. 

Synergistic Formula

Lastly, each of the supplements within Trilogy have amazing benefits on their own, but when combined the benefits are even greater. For example, probiotics help absorb the nutrients of the multivitamin much better by increasing gut health and improving digestion. When it comes to the omega-3’s, they act as a prebiotic to make the probiotics stronger. 

Great For Anyone With Dietary Restrictions

Trilogy is gluten free, soy free, non-gmo, dairy free, and also comes with both vegan and non-gmo options. This is great for almost anyone with dietary restrictions. 


So what do you think? Do you want to opt for a larger, more comprehensive supplement list like Andrew Huberman, or do you want something more convenient while still getting the essential nutrients your body needs?

If you’re interested in streamlining your health routine instead of going crazy tweaking it all day long, click here! 

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