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The Truth Behind Proprietary Blends

What's in that powder, anyway? A "proprietary blend" is a group of ingredients that may disclose every ingredient, but not the exact amount.They make their appearance on product labels, often with trademarked names like "Detox Blend" or "Greens Blend." The total weight of the blend per serving is indicated, but never the proportions of each ingredient.To make it even more confusing, some proprietary blends contain other proprietary blends. A blend...

A Post-Workout Smoothie Bowl with MAX Benefits

Enjoy this smoothie bowl after a workout to replenish the body. It offers MAX benefits for the following reasons: Offers healthy fats, carbohydrates and plant-based protein that can be appropriate for breakfast, lunch or dinner Frozen banana and cauliflower together add a desert-tasting consistency and fiber Both banana and coconut water add additional potassium, which is one of the most important electrolytes that is lost in sweat The 25 billion...

Vitamin D and Athletic Performance

A recently published study1 has demonstrated a correlation between vitamin D levels and performance. The subjects they used were sixty-seven professional male soccer players whomthey measured for vitamin D level (25-OHD) correlations with performance during training season as well as the end of the off-season. What did they find? They found that vitamin D levels were lower during the testing pre-season vs. the testing post-season with performance between better pre-season...

Hydrate for Heart Health

Our bodies are about 60 percent water. Crazy, right? According to the American Heart Association, staying hydrated keeps your heart from having to work as hard because it helps it more easily pump blood through the blood vessels to the muscles. But staying hydrated is something I have struggled with my whole life. I can go an entire day without a sip to drink (besides coffee, which causes you to...

New Year's Resolutions: Doing the Little Things

This time of the year is always flooded with extravagant diets, promise lists, exclamations of change and new beginnings. As these are very wonderful ambitions, sometimes we find that these promises are hard to keep and we lose steam by feeling overwhelmed. This year, baby-steps is the key!   Reaching for the stars is always the best way to live life because truly, each of us are limitless and can...

Vibrant Health Super Smoothie Bowl

This smoothie bowl gives us all of the whimsical feelings you want from a smoothie bowl (is that a thing?). The topping placement really makes it, but don't worry, there's no pressure to copy it exactly. We promise it will taste just as good, even if they don't form a perfect swirl. Find the recipe below:    Ingredients 1 whole avocado 1 scoop of Green Vibrance cup organic blueberries cup...