The Evolution of Green Vibrance

The Evolution of Green Vibrance

Green Vibrance, The Original Superfood

Green Vibrance started the green superfood category back in 1992 with version 1, which contained 32 key “superfood” ingredients in one comprehensive powder. Back then the goal was, as it is today, to support one’s nutrition, digestion, circulation, and immunity.  We understood then that nutrition alone will not lead most to achieving vibrant health. “I eat well”, you might exclaim. You may go further to suggest that in addition to eating well, you also take multivitamins and that’s better than most people. 

However, what if your digestion is poor? If so, you can’t achieve good nutrition…It’s that simple.  How many cells do you have in your body? 30 to 40 trillion believe it or not. Guess what? They all need to be fed, rested, and kept free from toxins. How can you feed them all without good circulation? We need to feed all 30 to 40 trillion, including the cells at the very peripheries of our bodies, tips of our fingers, the bottom of our toes, hair, skin, nails, etc. Lastly, you cannot come close to achieving vibrant health without a robust immune system.   

Nutritional Science and Product Development

Nutritional discoveries, new extraction methods that enhance a botanical’s concentration, and improvements made in the area of nutrient assimilation and therapeutic agents are constant. Subsequently, general health and wellness or condition-specific formulation at Vibrant Health is perpetual and as well, a Sisyphean task.  
Nutritional science, like all science, is perfect and static. It's our understanding that is dynamic. It is our desire to learn how we can improve our own lives, as well as the lives of those around us that has us hungry and excited to read the peer reviewed research being done at universities around the world. This research is available to anyone, and as we are continuously learning, our formulas must evolve accordingly.  And do so, on average every eighteen months to two years.  No nutritional supplement formulation should be cast in stone.   

Scientific advances in the field of Probiotics as well as discoveries of fibrous ingredients that boost immunity as well as digestion help to support the rehabilitation of the gut. Yet another example is why nutritional formulations should be dynamic. Over the past thirty years, there have been many advances in antioxidant extraction methods, improving the strength of an antioxidant by as many as 4 to 1 or even 10 to 1. These benefits stretch far beyond circulatory support to chemoprevention, cardio-protection, and all body systems.    

Perhaps the greatest advances have been in the field of Immunity.  The latest pandemic has led to a surge of research into the field of immunity and the importance that immunity has in all cause morbidity and mortality is astounding. We all saw how those with weaker or compromised immune systems faired much worse than those with stronger immunity.  As 75 percent of your immunity is genetically inherited, that leaves 25 percent that you can build through nutrition, therapeutic botanicals, and agents, rest, and hydration.  Or it leaves 25 percent that you can destroy through poor lifestyle habits, poor nutrition, little rest, etc.  Additionally, the field of immunotherapy has grown tremendously over the past decade as scientists and doctors look for better ways to treat and even prevent sickness and disease.   

The aforementioned advances supporting nutrition, digestion, circulation, and immunity have directly impacted the Green Vibrance formula more than 40 times over the past three decades.  There are four formulas in one, addressing the needs of each of the foundations of health identified above. We call them the “formulas” within the “formula”. For example, the greens comprising the cereal grasses as well as the plant-based micro-nutritive ingredients could be a stand-alone superfood product.  Likewise, the Probiotics at twenty-five billion CFUs at 12 strains could also be their own stand-alone probiotic supplement. Each is as comprehensive on its own as any other offering available on store shelves or online today.   

Subsequently, there are periodic updates to different segments of the formula, as science in its respective field of study advances.  In addition to the “formulas” within the “formula”, there is a need to address additional beneficial ingredients that stand outside of the four foundations of health.  Some support cardiovascular health, neurological health, skeletal health, liver support, and again all body systems. Each of the ingredients selected to support these additional beneficial segments of the formula goes through the same investigatory and review process as the rest of the formula does.   

Formula Changes and Version Numbers 

Green Vibrance has gone from 32 ingredients to over 64 ingredients since its inception back in 1992.  Each change came along with a version number. Small changes to the formula that impact one or two segments of the formula would result in a point change. A point change for example would be an update from formula 7 to formula 7.1 or 10.2 to 10.3.  Changes that are more significant to the formula would require a whole number change as they are more than just a couple.  A whole number change would be addressed by moving up to a whole number from a whole number or from a point number.  For example, in this scenario, if Green Vibrance were at 7.1 it would go to version 8 or if it were at version 10 it would go to version 11.   

Is it just discoveries in the fields of nutrition or new extraction methods that enhance a botanical’s concentration and improvements made in the area of nutrient assimilation and therapeutic agents that will lead to a version change?  No, not even close. Even before the run-on toilet paper began a global supply chain nightmare during the pandemic. Supply chain issues have plagued the nutritional supplement industry for decades. Food ingredient supply chains are also global and are particularly vulnerable to harvest shortfalls due to weather, government intervention, gas prices, and wars.   

Many times, a change to the formula will be a result of something completely out of our control.  Since the beginning of the pandemic, for example, we lost two very important ingredients in the formula. The first to go was Chlorella. Our supplier in India could not keep up with demand.  Like every ingredient that was deemed to have a health benefit, (chlorella included) that could possibly help someone stave off the impacts of Covid was depleted. As we all can attest to, when the war in Ukraine began, gas prices increased sharply around the world. As Ukraine is one of the largest producers and suppliers of grain and seeds from Sunflowers, we lost Sunflower Lecithin.  Both of these interruptions resulted in a point change to the formula.   
Nevertheless, the focus of our philosophy on formula obsolescence has been on continuous improvement of the formulas based on our pursuit of knowledge and our passion for the health and well-being of the end consumer. Through our digital connectedness, modern humans are a global tribe for the first time in our history. Through our interconnection, we can share information and ideas like never before.  Being good industry stewards focused on the health and well-being of the customers that we serve, updating our formulas is a fulfilling and enriching endeavor. Reading reviews of our products and seeing the impact that truly efficacious formulas have on ourselves, and others is truly gratifying and motivates us to trudge forward.  Better health, less sickness, and increased longevity are just around the next bend. 

Thirty years later, after more than forty formula updates, Green Vibrance is now at version 21.0. Practicing formula obsolescence or being “dynamic by design” means that our versions are continuously updated. Like software for the body, the next update is always being worked on, and available for download after blending it into water, your favorite smoothie or non-dairy beverage.