Spectrum Vibrance VS Green Vibrance, What are the Differences?

Spectrum Vibrance VS Green Vibrance, What are the Differences?

Spectrum Vibrance and Green Vibrance are two of the most popular products Vibrant Health has to offer. If you’re someone who has looked into both, you may be wondering which one is better for you to take. 

If that's the case you’re in luck. In this article, we will compare Spectrum Vibrance and Green Vibrance and let you know which one you should choose for yourself. 

Overview Of Our Company and Why Our Supplements Are Worth Your While

At Vibrant Health, we are passionate about promoting health and wellness. This goal has been at the forefront of our mission since the company has been around. We strive for excellence through every step of the process. From sourcing premium raw ingredients, to testing each product relentlessly to make sure it’s up to par when it comes to quality and potency.

We believe in full transparency when it comes to our customers as well. Every single one of our products includes the exact amount of ingredients. How does this separate us from other companies? Most companies use proprietary blends, which shows which ingredients are within a supplement, but doesn’t actually show the exact amount.

As you could see, it’s not necessarily about quality when it comes to comparing Spectrum Vibrance and Green Vibrance, it’s more about finding the one that caters to your specific goals.

What Exactly Is Spectrum Vibrance?

Spectrum Vibrance is our top performing antioxidant superfood supplement which is made to address the downfalls of the typical American diet. With 38 plant-based ingredients included in every serving, it provides 4.5 servings of fruits and vegetables. 

Its ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) value is 143,590, making it one of the strongest antioxidant supplements out there. 

This means Spectrum Vibrance is specifically good at reducing oxidative stress to cells and free radical scavenging properties.

On top of it being one of the best antioxidant supplements on the market, it also helps with other things including immunity, eye health, heart health, and longevity.

What Is Green Vibrance? 

Green Vibrance is the original flagship product of Vibrant Health. It has been changed 28 times in over 20 years in order to deliver the most efficient formula possible. Green Vibrance supports nutrition, circulation, immunity, and digestion which are the four foundations of health. Green Vibrance has 70 ingredients with 10 separate categories including cereal grasses, plant based micro-nutrition, antioxidant life preservers, immune support, adaptogens, skeletal support, fiber, liver support, enzymes & tonics, and last but not least probiotics. 

As a whole, Green Vibrance provides one of the most comprehensive formulas that exist in order to support overall health and wellness, which is what makes it Vibrant Health's best-selling products.

Comparing Spectrum Vibrance and Green Vibrance: The Ingredients

We already know that both Green Vibrance and Spectrum Vibrance are sourced from the very best and are made to promote health and wellness. But now we’re going to go into the difference in the ingredients to understand the differences.

Green Vibrance Ingredients

We went over how Green Vibrance has 10 different categories and 70 different ingredients above, but now we’re really going to dive into each category and what they do for your body. 

Cereal Grasses: The cereal grasses that are included in Green Vibrance have many benefits including heart health, optimal levels of blood sugar, and cholesterol. 

Plant Based Micro-Nutrition: Green Vibrance has a whopping 2730 plant-based micro-nutrients. These play an important role in providing your body with essential vitamins and minerals, helping you operate at your full potential.

Antioxidant Life Preservers: The antioxidants in Green Vibrance serve as a shield, safeguarding the body against harmful free radicals and decreasing the risk of chronic diseases and aging all together.

Adaptogens: If you’re someone who can’t get away from stress, Green Vibrance contains adaptogens. Adaptogens help to alleviate symptoms of stress, fatigue, anxiety, and other things to help you live in a peaceful state of mind.

Immune Support: Due to the fact that Green Vibrance has so many nutrients, in combination with its probiotics, your immune system is supported and strengthened to help fight off potential illnesses and maintain optimal health.

Skeletal Support: Skeletal support is extremely important, especially as we get older. Green Vibrance has ingredients that help support healthy bones even as you age. 

Enzymes and tonics: In short Enzymes and Tonics help with the digestive process, more specifically they help the body break down the nutrients more efficiently.

Liver Support: Our liver detoxifies harmful substances in our blood. Without a healthy liver, our body could run into many different problems. The Green Vibrance Liver support ingredients help the liver stay healthy, so your body could detoxify properly.

Probiotics: Green Vibrance has 25 Billion CFUs of probiotics, which help maintain a healthy balance of bacteria in the gut. This helps aid in digestion as well as keeps the immune system strong.

Fiber: Last but not least, Green Vibrance contains Fiber. The fiber in Green Vibrance helps maintain heart health, also aids in digestion, regulates blood sugar, and more.

As you could see Green Vibrance is one of the most comprehensive supplements on the market. Over the last 20+ years, it has been carefully crafted into the masterpiece it is today. It’s a perfect supplement to take for people looking to support their overall health and wellness. Period! 

Spectrum Vibrance Ingredients

Spectrum Vibrance is a blend of plant nutrition that includes a broad range of specially selected red, yellow, blue, and green fruit and vegetables. The ingredients list (as you could see above) includes a wide variety of organic and standardized fruit and vegetable extracts. Some of them include goji berry juice powder, raspberry fruit powder, camu-camu, cranberry whole fruit, tomato fruit powder, and more. 

Each of these ingredients is carefully selected to give you the ability to get vitamins, minerals, and more specifically the antioxidants your body needs. Here’s a more extensive list of the benefits you get from the ingredients in Spectrum Vibrance.

Vitamin C- Camu-camu is a great source of natural vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that supports the immune system and protects from oxidative stress.

Polyphenols- Goji Berry, Raspberry, plums, and grape skin are all a good source of polyphenols. Polyphenols could offer protection against development of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and more. On top of that, they also help boost brain function. 

Ellagic Acid- Raspberries are also rich in ellagic acid. Which is another antioxidant that has anti-inflammatory effects.

Lutein- Marigold extract contains Lutein, which is an antioxidant that helps protect your eyes from oxidative damage.

Curcuminoids- The turmeric root powder is a good source of curcuminoids which is an antioxidant that has many helpful properties including aiding in anxiety, arthritis, metabolic syndrome, and more.

The antioxidants in Spectrum Vibrance help protect your body in multiple aspects, which is why it’s such a great supplement.

If you’re still on the fence of which one you should choose. Let's dive a little deeper into who each of these supplements are for.

The ideal candidate for Green Vibrance is someone who is looking for a comprehensive and well-rounded nutritional supplement that provides a broad range of nutrients. This includes ingredients that help with digestive health, immune system function, energy levels, and more. 

On the other hand, the ideal candidate for Spectrum Vibrance would be someone who is looking to support their antioxidant needs, and is simply looking to add more color in their diet through fruits and vegetables. 

Price: Green Vibrance VS Spectrum Vibrance


Price (One-time Purchase)

Price (subscription)

Price Per Serving (30 Servings)

Spectrum Vibrance 



$1.33(Subscription)/ $1.52 (One-Time

Green Vibrance



$2.40 (subscription)/ $2.74 (One-Time)

For some, which supplement may come down to price. So let’s dive into the price differences of Green Vibrance VS Spectrum Vibrance. 

Spectrum Vibrance Price

The one time purchase price for Spectrum vibrance is $45.60. At 30 servings the amount per serving adds up to $1.52. 

With a subscription Spectrum Vibrance is $39.90 which comes out to $1.33 per serving, which is a great deal for all the nutrients you’re getting.

Green Vibrance Pricing

When it comes to Green Vibrance, the one time purchase price is $82.40, which may seem expensive compared to Spectrum Vibrance. However, Green Vibrance has almost double the ingredients which makes the price point make sense. Per serving, Green Vibrance comes out to $2.74 per serving.

With a subscription, Green Vibrance is $72.00 and comes out to $2.40 per serving. 

Green Vibrance VS Spectrum Vibrance Taste

Green Vibrance comes in two different flavors: Chocolate Coconut and plain. On the other hand, Spectrum Vibrance comes in a Mixed Berry Flavor. When it comes to taste, Spectrum Vibrance has an edge due to the fact that it has a higher concentration of fruits.

The plain flavor of Green Vibrance is known to be very earthy, but the chocolate coconut flavor is known to have a bit of a better taste. 

The bottom line is you should base your decision more so on the benefits each supplement will give you and which one you need more rather than the taste. 

Vibrant Health offers many different recipes you could use in order to mask the flavor regardless of which one you get.

Key Takeaways Of Green Vibrance VS Spectrum Vibrance

You’ve probably realized through this guide that both Green Vibrance and Spectrum Vibrance are great supplements. Below we will go over the key takeaways to help you make your final decision.

  • Regardless of which one you choose, the potency and quality of the ingredients are guaranteed as we’re committed to sourcing premium ingredients.
  • If you’re someone that needs a more comprehensive supplement, you should go with Green Vibrance, but if you’re someone that needs an antioxidant supplement Spectrum Vibrance is the right choice for you. 
  • If you’re looking for something on the lower end price wise, Spectrum Vibrance is probably the best bet for you.
  • In terms of taste, Spectrum Vibrance is probably a bit better, but both could be good depending on your taste preference and the recipe options we have to offer.

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