A Guide To Supplementing Green Vibrance Products

A Guide To Supplementing Green Vibrance Products

Overall wellness takes hard work. A good diet, exercise regimen, amongst other things could really help with this.


A key part of maintaining your overall wellness is taking quality supplements to support your health and well-being. Our most popular supplement Green Vibrance, made from a blend of fruits, vegetables and other superfoods that are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and probiotics is meant to help support your body in a number of ways.


It's pretty much the all-in-one supplement that you need to feel your best. But how exactly do you supplement Green Vibrance? In this article, we will go over just that.


What Are The Different Types Of Green Vibrance Products?

There are many variations of Green Vibrance, from the packaging type to the flavors. Below we will go over both.

Packaging Types

There are a few different packaging types so customers could find one that works best for them. These include the following:


If you dislike the flavor of green super foods, which is a common occurrence, then capsules are a great option. These are compact, easy to swallow, and come in both softgels and regular pills.

Powder Tubs

The original version of Green Vibrance comes in a tub, which is ideal for customers that do not like capsules or pills. With this version you can mix the powder into any beverage of your choice. This is best if you like to take Green Vibrance within your home, and you don't have to travel often.


If you're someone that's always on the go, the Green Vibrance pouch is a great way to carry Green Vibrance around with you, to ensure you always have it when you need it. It comes with a press seal, which ensures that your powder will stay fresh and that you're getting all of the nutritional value that Green Vibrance has to offer.


Now only does Green Vibrance come in many different shapes and sizes, it also comes in a few different flavors.


The plain one isn't for anyone who is looking to get the very best flavor. Due to there being all natural ingredients, there may be a slight bitter taste, but we'll get more into how you can avoid this later.

Vanilla Bean

Vanilla Bean is also an option. Not only does it have a bit more flavor than the original, but it also has an added 20g of plant based protein.

Chocolate Coconut

Last but not least for the chocolate lovers out there, there is the Chocolate Coconut flavor. This is another good option for those that want a bit more taste to their Green Vibrance, without sacrificing any of its nutritional value.


One customer stated, "I loved this powder for those days when I need some chocolate flavor. Normally, I have the green vibrance daily but sometime you need something different. I blend it with either frozen blueberries or bananas and it tastes great!"

How To Use Green Vibrance Products

Supplementation of certain products is usually very straight forward. However, with Green Vibrance there are multiple methods of taking it. So here is a guide to using Green Vibrance products:

The Simple Way

First we're going to go over the basic ways to take Green Vibrance, then we'll get into some additional ways you could take Green Vibrance and make it a little bit more exciting.


The most simple way to take the capsules is by taking the recommended serving size, which is 16 capsules, 45 minutes after a meal.


When it comes to the powder, you also want to take it 45 minutes after a meal. However, all you have to do is mix it with 8oz of water, or beverage of your choice.

The Creative Ways To Take Green Vibrance

If you're a simple person, the simple ways may work out perfectly fine for you. However, those aren't the only ways to take Green Vibrance. Here are a few other more exciting ways that you could try out:


We have one specific soup recipe up on our blog called, "chilled green goddess vibrance soup". You can see the full recipe here. With some creativity,  you can make other tasty variations of this soup to get in your daily dose of Green Vibrance.


On our page, we also have a couple of smoothie recipes, one is called green with envy, and another popular one is called the green goddess smoothie. Just like soup, you could get creative and create your own smoothie, or smoothies.

Smoothie Bowls

This Green Matcha smoothie bowl is one example of how you can take Green Vibrance and turn it into a delicious smoothie bowl. Smoothie bowls are easily customizable, so you can switch things up depending on your tastes and what's in season.

Salad Dressings

There's no better way to add a boost of nutrition to your salads, than with an easy and delicious salad dressing, made with Green Vibrance. One example of this is this Green Vibrance herb dressing.


Between this Frozen S’mores Mudslide Mocktail and this Creamy Coconut Mojito Mocktail (non-alcoholic of course), you can get your cocktail fix in a healthy way, without having to go to the bar or liquor store!

Delicious Deserts

If you're a dessert person, and often have a sweet tooth, you can also take Green Vibrance and make some delicious desserts with it.


Examples are these cookies made with Green Vibrance chocolate coconut powder,  or this Vanilla Nice Cream sundae made with the help of Green Vibrance.


As you could see there are many way to use Green Vibrance products, and many ways to get creative with it. There's no reason to get bored with your daily intake of Green Vibrance, when there are so many delicious and healthy options to choose from.

Shop Green Vibrance Products

Green Vibrance Capsules

The easiest way to take Green Vibrance are through capsule form. If you are stuck on time, or don't want to hassle with mixing it with liquid or blending it into a smoothie, capsules are the way to go.

Green Vibrance + Protein

If you're someone who works out frequently, green Vibrance protein will allow you to get all the amazing nutrients Green Vibrance has to offer with an added 20g of vegan protein, to help boost muscle recovery.

Green Vibrance Pouch

You'll love the convenience of the Green Vibrance pouch, as you can take it to work, the gym, and other places you'll need to use it in a hurry.


In Summary

Green Vibrance is a flexible and effective dietary supplement that can promote general health and wellness. Green Vibrance is the best-selling product Vibrant Health has to offer, but it isn’t the only great quality supplement we have. In order to see the full range of products we offer, click here.


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