14 Realistic & Attainable Wellness Tips for the New Year

14 Realistic & Attainable Wellness Tips for the New Year

Health is wealth and the New Year is the perfect time to reassess and evaluate fresh goals for your wellness heading into a new year! While it is all too common to be bombarded with ads encouraging lofty goals around this time of year…maybe less is more. Take this as your permission slip to take the pressure off & consider these 14 attainable wellness tips for your 2024:  

1. Tune into your body

Our bodies give us important information about our health and wellness every day but it is up to us to tune in. Practicing things like intuitive eating and slowing down can help you pay attention to your body’s signals for hunger, fullness, and discomfort.  


2. Commit to meditating for 5-10 minutes a day

For an easy, low-cost way to de-stress and improve your mental health, try meditation. Day to day stress can cause increased levels of cortisol as well as a release of inflammatory chemicals called cytokines. Meditation can help you clear your mind, and lower cortisol in the body. For beginners, guided meditations online can be helpful while others may benefit from sitting in silence for a set time frame.


3. Start a simple journaling practice

Journaling is a simple way to help you process emotions, track growth, and boost your mental health in the process. The 5 minute Journal is a simple daily book that has gone viral and for good reason. This structured, guided gratitude journal is the perfect resource to help you cultivate positivity and reflect on your day in a meaningful way while building healthier habits in just 5 minutes a day.  


4. Make simple health swaps

While most of us know that consuming a more colorful, whole food diet is the healthiest option, it can be hard to implement. Consider making simple health swaps like brown rice for white rice or swapping out pasta for a salad a few times a week. These small micro choices have a way of adding up and can transform your health over time. 


5. Move your body with walking

Walking 10,000 steps a day has been a viral trend over the years but sometimes this can feel unattainable if you are short on time or have a busy schedule. Setting a goal to walk for even 15-30 minutes every day before work, over your lunch break, or for a phone call with a friend can be a realistic way to get in movement and extra cardio.  


6. Buy yourself flowers to freshen your space

Flowers are a simple and beautiful way to upgrade the aesthetic of any space but did you know that they can also have added health benefits? Scientific studies have shown that having fresh flowers can help to lower cortisol levels and elevate your mood. Not only this but flowers can act as natural air purifiers, absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Adding the beauty of flowers to your space can promote deeper relaxation and a sense of peace in your space.  


7. Drink lemon water first thing

Drinking lemon water is one simple way to upgrade your health in the New Year with many added health benefits. One 8 oz. glass of lemon water contains 21% of your daily value of Vitamin C which helps protect the body from free radicals and increased inflammation.  


8. Streamline your supplement routine and take a 3-in-1

Make life easier for yourself and streamline your supplement routine. Vibrant Health’s Trilogy is a revolutionary 3-in-1 supplement with the top 3 doctor recommended supplements including a plant-based multivitamin, probiotic, and omega-3 fish oil so you can check all the boxes in one swoop. 


9. Sneak in a home workout if you can’t hit the gym

If you’re short on time, home workouts can offer convenience, save time on a commute, and even save money on a gym membership. Investing in some low-cost equipment and finding the right space can help you eliminate those excuses and fit in a solid workout. 


10. Struggling to get in the recommended veggies? Drink your greens

It is no secret that millions of Americans struggle to get in the recommended servings of greens every day. Vibrant Health’s Green Vibrance is loaded with 70+ ingredients and superfoods and 4.5 servings of fruits and vegetables. This super food powder also contains 25 billion probiotics to boost gut health and replenish you with the nutrients you need. 


11. Have some healthy snacks on hand

If life gets busy and blood sugar levels drop, healthy snacking can help curb your appetite. The right healthy snacks like fruit or nuts can boost your energy and keep you fueled. Combining food groups like yogurt and berries or an apple and peanut butter can help balance your blood sugar and keep you from overeating at meal time. 


12. Take the stairs & park further away

Looking for ways to sneak in more exercise day to day? Choosing to take the stairs is one simple and easy way to boost your cardio while engaging multiple muscle groups including the legs and core. Parking further away from where you are heading is another simple way to bump up the step count and create a healthier habit. 


13. Explore new hobbies & try something new

Stuck in a rut? Trying out a new hobby has a number of mental health and wellness benefits. Some creative ideas include: pottery, cooking, painting, photography, or even blogging. Hobbies can be a great creative outlet to help relieve daily stress and give you a sense of accomplishment! 


14. Create a simple skincare routine

Taking care of the skin you’re in is vital and can instill a greater sense of confidence heading into 2024. Creating a simple routine of cleansing morning and night, moisturizing for your skin type, and wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen of 30+ or more are simple ways to nurture and protect your skin from the sun and signs of aging. 


Remember, starting the New Year does not have to be a sprint. Making the choice to enter the year intentionally and realistically can help set you up for your healthiest and most vibrant year yet!