5 Non-Stressful Ways to Change Your Life in 2024

5 Non-Stressful Ways to Change Your Life in 2024

Changing your life can bring a lot of rewards but can also feel overwhelming when trying to do too many things at once. With so much advice on the internet and media about big, grandiose ways to change your life, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Luckily changing your life does not have to be stressful (or done overnight). Here are 5 non-stressful ways to change your life for the better in the New Year.  

Change habits gradually

Trying to change too many life areas at one time is a recipe for overwhelm. Start by making a list of your current habits (both good and bad). This can help you assess where you can begin to make important shifts and tweaks to your current habits. Habit stacking is a helpful concept introduced in the viral book Atomic Habits. This practice pairs one habit you enjoy with a habit you are trying to implement and “stacking” this new behavior to create a new habit. Focusing on nailing one habit at a time and doing this for 30 days can help you integrate new habits and transform your life over time! 

Practical tip: If you dislike folding laundry or cleaning the host but enjoy listening to podcasts, a “habit stacking” idea would be to pop in those earbuds while you fold laundry for productivity while also doing an activity that you enjoy, making time go by much faster. 


Practice boundaries and saying “no”

Without healthy and clear boundaries life can begin to feel messy and chaotic. It is important to learn how to prioritize and say “no” so you can create space for the things that truly do matter to you. One way to do this is to practice saying “no” to someone that you trust so you can slowly build up the muscle of owning your own personal needs. If others do not respond well to your boundaries, remember that this could be a sign of an unhealthy relationship. Adjusting expectations and setting boundaries can give you clarity on who deserves access to your time and energy on a deeper level. Consulting with a therapist or mental health professional is one way to figure out the best boundaries and strategies for your unique situation.   

Practical example: Simple ways to practice setting boundaries including saying “no” to a hangout with a friend when you are needing a night in or saying “no” to a project at work that you do not have the capacity for. This can help you protect your peace and your energy. 


Focus on the things you can control

While there are so many things in life that we cannot control, shifting our focus onto the things that we can is one way to step into your power in the New Year. Some of the things you can control include your attitude, your diet, your fitness, and your self-care. Placing your attention here can empower you to shift your habits, make healthier decisions, and understand that all of the little micro decisions add up. Not only this but this can help you pour into your own cup and take unnecessary outside stress off your plate.  

Practical tip: Make a list of life things side by side that you can control and what you cannot day to day. A good rule of thumb is that the list of things within your control becomes your “to do list” to work on while the things out of your control is yours to surrender. 


Prioritize self-care that fits your budget

Self-care is vital to maintaining your mental and physical wellbeing and doesn’t need to be so expensive. Start by noticing what activities you truly enjoy and create space in your calendar to do them. Affordable activity ideas include walking, meditation, renting a book from the library, or even practicing yoga at home. Choosing some of these more budget friendly options can help you to fit in more “me” time on a regular basis and keep your own cup full. 

Practical tip: One practical way to prioritize self-care is finding simple health habits to streamline your routine and care for yourself. Trilogy, Vibrant Health’s newest 3-in-1 supplement, is complete with an omega-3, plant-based multivitamin, and a probiotic. This dynamic supplement helps you cut the cost of taking a cabinet full of supplements and gives you a routine that is easy to stick to so you can feel your very best inside and out.  


Create a vision board & goal-set for the New Year

Vision boards can be a powerful way to set intentions and put your goals into motion at the outset of a new year. Practically, a vision board can look like getting a large piece of paper or a virtual board to put both images, quotes, and words that jump out to you for the year. Doing this powerful activity with friends or family can be an inspiring way to set the tone for what you desire to create and achieve. Completing this activity can help you clarify your personal goals as well as enhance your motivation to stick to them in the long run! 

Practical tip: Sit down and take time in the quiet to really visualize the goals and desires you have for yourself in the months to come. Then create a list of 3-5 clear, measurable goals and from there, pick out images, phrases, and quotes that represent your vision and put it down on paper (or Canva has a virtual option). Having your vision board be in a clear and visible spot everyday can be a powerful reinforcer to keep moving towards your ideal life. 

Remember, creating true deep and lasting change starts with knowing you don’t have to achieve it overnight. Clarifying your priorities and daily micro-habits are the first steps to gaining momentum that builds in the months to come. While overnight success is often glamorized in the media, slow and steady change creates healthy habits and outcomes that can last a lifetime!