10 Apps to Support Your Health & Wellness Goals in 2023

10 Apps to Support Your Health & Wellness Goals in 2023

December 11th marks National App Day — and we’re not talking about your holiday party hors d'oeuvres. Rather, today is dedicated to celebrating the many apps (short for applications) we use to simplify and improve our lives. While apps first became popular in 2007 with the launch of the iPhone, there are now millions of apps available to download. Whether you want to become more confident in the kitchen or improve your sleep, there’s an app for that and information is literally at your fingertips!

Today on the Vibrant Health blog, we’re sharing 10 practical apps— from food to finance — to help support your health and wellness goals as we approach the New Year.

10 Apps to Help Improve Your Health & Wellness  

  1. Yummly
  2. Sleep Cycle
  3. Expectful
  4. Think Dirty
  5. FitOn
  6. Mint
  7. Happify
  8. Insight Timer
  9. Harvest
  10. Talkspace


  1. For New Recipe Ideas: Yummly

Whether you’re striving to do more at-home cooking this year or simply need some recipe inspiration to shake things up, Yummly has you covered. Search millions of recipes — which you can sort according to dietary needs and preferences — or even create your own meal plans. You’ll be embracing your inner chef in no time!

Browse our Vibrant Health blog for more healthy recipe ideas!


  1. For Healthy Sleep Habits: Sleep Cycle

 Sleep is vital for health and wellness — and if you’re looking to get some better shuteye this coming year, Sleep Cycle may be the answer. This nifty app tracks and analyzes your sleep cycles (by listening to your sounds) and then gives you ideas to shift your routine for a better night’s sleep. Try these tips to double-down on healthy sleep habits!


  1. For Mindful Pregnancy & Motherhood: Expectful   

Whether you’re trying to conceive (TTC), pregnant or a new mama, Expectful can help make your experience more mindful. Offering up dozens of meditations catered to your personal needs and pregnancy stage, Expectful provides a much needed “prenatal vitamin for the mind.”

And it’s backed by science; meditation is proven to help both mama and baby. In fact, Expectful states that women who use the app during pregnancy reported significantly lower Perceived Stress Scale (PSS) score. Win, win!


  1. For Clean Beauty Finds: Think Dirty

We’re a big advocate of eating clean and knowing what’s in your food — and the same goes for your beauty products. However, confusing marketing lingo and endless ingredient lists can make shopping clean daunting. 

That’s where Think Dirty comes in, the go-to app for ingredient conscious consumers! Think Dirty makes it super easy to scan a product and learn about the ingredients on the spot — empowering you to make cleaner choices for all your beauty, personal and household products.


  1. For Free At-Home Workouts: FitOn

If developing a consistent exercise routine is on your list for the New Year, you’ll want to get on FitOn ASAP. This free fitness app offers a variety of at-home workouts — ranging from cardio and strength training to HIIT and yoga. Ready to get started now? Here’s how to stay on top of your at-home workouts this winter!


  1. For Improved Financial Health: Mint

When we think of health we often think about physical and mental wellness, but what about financial health? Mint is a personal finance app to help plan, track and budget your money. If you’re ready to step it up a notch, here’s how you can design a self-care routine for your finances while setting yourself up for a successful year.


  1. For a Daily Mood Boost: Happify

Need a mood boost? The Happify app utilizes science-based activities to help users overcome negative thoughts and stress to create positive change. After all, getting in touch with how you feel is important (and it works). In fact, Happify cites 86% of frequent users got happier in as little as 2 months! 


  1. For a Guided Meditation Break: Insight Timer

If you’re trying to work meditation into your morning routine but can’t seem to stick to it (or find time to relax), Insight Timer can help you out. This free meditation app offers over 100,000 guided meditation for sleep, anxiety, stress and more. Plus you can choose topics based on your interests — from relationships to health and happiness.


  1. For Shopping Local Farms & Produce: SimplyLocal

Want to shop local and support your local farm community? The SimplyLocal Farmers Market app allows you to find food grown near you — including organic meats, produce, wild-caught seafood and farmers markets in your area.


  1. For Accessible Online Therapy: Talkspace 

Mental health matters — and talk therapy can be an important piece of the puzzle when focusing on your mental health. Fortunately Talkspace makes therapy extremely accessible online — pairing you with a licensed provider based on your specific needs. 24/7 support is literally at the palm of your hands. 


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