Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Everywhere: Five Creative Ways to Incorporate this Fall Staple into Your Lifestyle this Season

Fall is in full swing and we’re loving the fresh harvest, crisp weather and yes – pumpkin everything. But there’s more ways to enjoy your favorite fall treat than in a PSL or homemade pie. Today on the Vibrant Health blog, we’re sharing five creative ways to incorporate this fall staple into your lifestyle this season – from your family recipes to an at-home facial!


  1. Blend Pumpkin into Your Smoothie or Smoothie Bowl
  2. DIY Pumpkin Facial
  3. Mix Pumpkin into Your Homemade Muffins
  4. Decorate Your Space with Festive Pumpkins
  5. Give Your Soups an Autumn Flair with Pumpkin Purée


  1. Blend Pumpkin into Your Smoothie or Smoothie Bowl

Sure you’ve had plenty of pumpkin spice lattes this season, but have you ever thought about mixing this fall staple into your morning smoothie or smoothie bowl?

Our Gratitude Smoothie Bowl is a seasonal favorite – made with Greek yogurt, warming fall spices, our signature Joint Vibrance and of course: pumpkin purée. Feel free to mix pumpkin purée into your favorite smoothie recipes all season long for a healthy and delicious twist!


  1. DIY Pumpkin Facial

Rich in antioxidants, pumpkin is making its way into beauty products to promote healthy, glowing skin! This DIY Pumpkin Honey Brightening Face Mask is made with just three ingredients – which you likely already have in your kitchen. Boo…it’s time to get your glow on for Halloween!


  1. Mix Pumpkin into Your Homemade Healthy Muffins

The cooler fall weather has you craving all the baked goods – but not so much the sugar crash you get from too many sweet treats! Fortunately, you don’t need to load up on sugar to satisfy that sweet tooth.

We love these gluten free Almond Flour Pumpkin Muffins – made with simple ingredients like spices, pure maple syrup and canned pumpkin. Fun tip: You can also mix pumpkin spice seasoning into your favorite fall recipes – from baked goods to a hot cup of tea!


  1. Decorate Your Space with Festive Pumpkins

Looking for that perfect fall centerpiece? Look no further! Pumpkins make for a festive addition to your table spread, and can even double as a serving bowl or flowerpot! Simply carve out the insides, and use to serve your favorite seasonal eats or showcase your mums and sunflowers.


  1. Give Your Soups an Autumn Flair with Pumpkin Purée

Fall marks the beginning of soup season, and there’s nothing like cozying up with a hot bowl of homemade soup or chili.

Give your tried and true family favorites a seasonal flair by adding a little pumpkin to the mix – like this Creamy Roasted Pumpkin Soup featuring pumpkin, pumpkin seeds and coconut milk. Or you can bring your game-day feast to the next level with a big pot of Turkey Pumpkin Chili – highlighting, you guessed it, pumpkin purée.


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