Review of Maximum Vibrance by Vibrant Health

Review of Maximum Vibrance by Vibrant Health

In today's fast paced world, many people are constantly searching for convenient ways to ensure they get the necessary nutrients. However, finding an all in one supplement that offers good ingredient quality, transparency and no allergen concerns can be quite challenging.

Among the numerous options available, one supplement that often comes up is Maximum Vibrance. But how does it really measure up? Does it live up to the claims made by Vibrant Health or is it simply another product trying to capitalize on market demand without truly delivering on its promises? In this comprehensive review, we will thoroughly examine Maximum Vibrance. We'll dive into its ingredients, potential benefits and drawbacks and overall value to determine if it truly provides a convenient solution for those seeking comprehensive nutrition on the go.

The Company behind Maximum Vibrance

Vibrant Health is the company responsible for creating Maximum Vibrance. With over three decades of experience in the health supplement industry, Vibrant Health has consistently prioritized customer transparency and product quality across their entire range of supplements. Led by Ted and Paige Parker, a married couple dedicated to continuous improvement, Vibrant Health never rests on its laurels. They actively strive to enhance every supplement they offer through ongoing scientific research.

This is evident in how they have consistently improved their original supplement, Green Vibrance. Over the course of 20 years, Green Vibrance has undergone 28 revisions to ensure it offers the best formula possible.

Why Maximum Vibrance?

Now, let's discuss the purpose of Maximum Vibrance. You might be wondering why it exists alongside Green Vibrance since both products are quite similar. While Green Vibrance is nutrient rich with just 40 calories, Maximum Vibrance provides a more comprehensive macronutrient and micronutrient profile with its 150 calories.

In short, Maximum Vibrance caters to individuals who want to derive a significant portion of their calories, vitamins, minerals and macronutrients from green powders.

It aligns more closely with supplements like Ka'Chava and Huel which are designed as meal replacements.

Diving Deep into Maximum Vibrance

In the rest of this article, we'll explore what distinguishes Maximum Vibrance in the crowded meal replacement market and evaluate its value proposition.

We'll comprehensively assess every facet of Maximum Vibrance, from its ingredient composition and transparency to its pricing and packaging.

Ingredient Breakdown

We'll begin by detailing Maximum Vibrance's ingredients and their associated benefits, followed by an in-depth look at its micronutrient and macronutrient profiles.



Benefits for You


Calories, Total Fat, Saturated Fat, Total Carbohydrate, Dietary Fiber, Total Sugars, Protein

Provides you with energy, supports your cellular function, and aids in your muscle repair and growth.


Vitamin A to E, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Pyridoxine, Folate, Vitamin B12, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid

Essential for your body's functions, bolsters your immune system, and boosts your overall energy and health.


Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Chromium, etc.

Strengthens your bones, enhances enzyme function, and regulates your cellular processes.


Yellow pea protein, Sprouted brown rice protein

Helps in your muscle growth, repair, and supports various body functions.

Cereal Grasses

Barley grass, Oat grass, Wheat grass

Enriches your diet with vitamins and minerals, and aids in detoxifying and alkalizing your body.

Concentrated Plant Nutrition

Parsley to Turmeric

Offers you a range of phytonutrients, promoting your overall health and wellness.

Super Fruits

Strawberry to Prune

Provides you with antioxidants, enhances your immune health, and supplies a variety of vitamins.

Antioxidant Life Preservers

Astaxanthin, Tomato, Amla, Lycopene

Protects your cells from oxidative stress, nurtures your skin, and strengthens your immune system.

Immune Support

Astragalus, Beta glucans, Larch Arabinogalactans

Boosts your immune system, ensuring you stay healthy and resilient.


Eleuthero root, Holy basil

Helps your body adapt to stress, enhancing your mental clarity and energy levels.

Skeletal Support

Cissus Quadrangularis, Calcium fructoborate, Lichen oil powder

Supports your bone health, aiding in joint flexibility and strength.

Liver Support

Burdock root, Silamarina milk thistle, Dandelion root

Assists in detoxifying your liver and promotes its overall health.


Acacia gum fiber, Apple fruit powder, Fructo-oligosaccharides, Flaxseed powder

Promotes your digestive health and ensures regular bowel movements.

Enzymes & Tonics

Alpha-galactosidase to Cellulase

Aids in your digestion, helping break down food for better nutrient absorption.


Bifidobacterium to Streptococcus

Supports the health of your gut, aiding in digestion and nutrient absorption.

How Do The Ingredients Stack Up When It Comes To An All-In-One Supplement?

The overall goal of Maximum Vibrance is to be a meal replacement or all in one supplement. So you may be wondering how it stacks up in that department. Let’s get into that.


When you take an all-in-one supplement, you want a balanced profile of macronutrients. These include proteins, fats, and carbs. Maximum Vibrance contains 20g of protein, 10 carbs, and 3 grams of total fats which is a great balance of macros for a meal replacement shake.

Vitamins and Minerals

Another thing you want to make sure of is that the supplement hits your vitamin and mineral goals. In a sense, junk food could have a good macro balance, so you want to find a supplement that is also healthy. When it comes to vitamins, Maximum Vibrance contains a sufficient amount of vitamins A, C, D, E, K, and B vitamins. On the mineral side of things, it includes calcium, iron, phosphorus, iodine, magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese, chromium, and last but not least sodium/potassium.

The vitamins and minerals within Maximum Vibrance match the macronutrients, together making Maximum Vibrance a great all-in-one supplement to take on a regular basis.

Quality Standards For Vibrant Health/Maximum Vibrance

Supplement companies could tell you their products are good until the cows come home but in order to make sure, you need to pay attention to their quality standards. If they have none in place, how could you possibly ensure the safety, efficacy, consistency, and transparency of the supplement? The answer is you can’t. So what standards does Vibrant Health have in place for their supplements and Maximum Vibrance? Let’s get into it.


Finding supplements with transparency on the label is so important. You may be wondering what makes a label “not transparent”. Well, many companies take the multiple categories within their supplements and make them proprietary blends. When you take supplements that have proprietary blends, you really don’t know what you’re getting. This is because companies don’t have to disclose the exact amounts of what is in those proprietary blends.

When it comes to Vibrant/Maximum Vibrance, transparency is what makes them stand out the most. Within every single category, Maximum Vibrance has every single ingredient written down.

So when you see the benefits of the supplement listed on the tub of Maximum Vibrance, you could actually believe what it says.


When it comes to GMOs there’s a lot of different opinions of whether it’s good for you or not.  They are generally more toxic, could make you prone to allergic reactions, could cause antibiotic resistance, immuno suppression, and loss of nutrition. Maximum Vibrance has absolutely no GMOs.

Third Party Testing

You don’t truly know if a supplement is quality unless you get it third party tested. Third party testing is an unbiased evaluation in which a company sends products to independent labs that have no affiliation with the manufacturer and have the product tested. Vibrant Health gets every single supplement they have third party tested including Maximum Vibrance. It helps make sure the product is in line with their claims and assures the quality of the product. 

Mostly Certified Organic

Some ingredients can’t be certified organic, but the ones that can within Vibrant supplements are.

Carefully Sourced

The ingredients within Maximum Vibrance are ethically sourced. Every ingredient they add to their supplements are traceable, meaning they are able to see the ingredients history, processing, and origin.

Taste Of Maximum Vibrance

Maximum Vibrance comes in both vanilla bean and chocolate chunk. Due to the fact that it’s a healthy supplement, the taste isn’t the world's best tasting powder. It really comes down to your limits when it comes to greens powders. If you don’t like grassy, you may not like Maximum Vibrance. However, there are multiple ways to make it better. For example, our chocolate peanut butter protein smoothie recipe, and the other recipes we have on our blog. You could go through our other posts to find a good recipe that works for you, or alter one to make it better.

How Expensive Is Maximum Vibrance? 

For a one time purchase, Maximum Vibrance costs $75.20, which comes out to $5.01 per serving. If you get the subscription, the cost goes down to 63.70 which is $4.24 per serving. Maximum Vibrance is a bit more expensive than competitors like Ka’Chava, but if you take quality standards and transparency into considerations, Maximum Vibrance may be worth the extra price. 

What Do Customers Have To Say About Maximum Vibrance?

Like any supplement review, you need to take into consideration what customers have to say about it. What people have to say about the product is probably going to tell you more than anything. Let's dive into the positives and negatives according to the reviews on Amazon.

Pros Of Maximum Vibrance

  • Highly Recommended: There were a lot of reviews that claimed they have been taking it for a while and recommend it for anyone looking for an all-in-one supplement.
  • Versatile Taste: Many have creatively incorporated Maximum Vibrance into their diets, mixing it with organic coconut milk or blending it with fruits to enhance its flavor.
  • Energy Boost: People reported a noticeable increase in their energy levels after taking Maximum Vibrance on a regular basis, leading to enhanced stamina and productivity throughout the day.
  • Diverse Health Benefits: Many people have felt the range of health benefits, from improved digestion and radiant skin to bolstered immunity.
  • Mental Clarity: Beyond physical benefits, users have experienced heightened focus and mental clarity, attributing these improvements to the product.
  • Responsive Customer Service: According to more than one person within the reviews,  Vibrant Health's dedication to its customers is evident in its prompt and caring responses to any concerns or feedback.

Cons Of Maximum Vibrance

  • Digestive Adjustment: A couple of different reviews explained that they  experienced significant gas after starting the product. It’s important to note that starting to take any supplement with probiotics and beneficial effects to your digestive system may start out with some negative digestive symptoms.
  • Taste: Some people had a difficult time with the taste which is extremely common with these types of supplements, especially with no added sugars or sweeteners. 


If you want a more comprehensive greens powder, Maximum Vibrance may be a good idea for you. The ingredients are sourced carefully, are clean, and the transparency of the labeling speaks for itself. 

If you’re interested in getting your hands on Maximum Vibrance, check it out here.

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