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Could Red Marine Algae Help You Suppress Viral Infections?

With a “tripledemic” upon us, this winter has already come to rival some of the worst cold and flu seasons on record. Amid this nasty collision of the flu, COVID-19, and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), many of us are left wondering, what more can we do to stay safe? And as these three major respiratory viruses surge at once, we find ourselves asking, what else can we do to protect...

Athletic Greens (AG1) Review, It Has Sizzle, but Does it Have Substance?

Millions of people who listen to the Joe Rogan podcast or follow other pundits have recently been inundated with advertisements and celebrity endorsements that tout the benefits of Athletic Greens. While Athletic Greens was not the first greens supplement to hit the market, it now has the dual claim to being both the most popular, and the most expensive, that is out there. Since Athletic Greens (AG1) wasn’t the first,...

Ka'chava Alternatives, Are There Better Plant-Based Proteins?

In their search for a healthier life, many people are beginning to turn to either a plant-based diet or are at least reducing their daily intake of meat. The documentary Forks Over Knives came at a time when obesity, diabetes, and heart disease were rising to epidemic levels, and the multiple cardiologists highlighted in the movie discussing the correlation between the rise in these maladies and our increasing meat consumption...

Ka'chava Review, Does it Live Up to the Hype?

If you’ve ever bought a protein supplement online, listened to the Joe Rogan podcast, or have any other likes or online behaviors that would indicate that you are interested in health & fitness, you’ve likely been targeted by a Ka’Chava ad at some point in your time online.  Some supplement companies put all of their budgets into advertising and marketing with little attention paid to the quality of the product,...

The Best Green Superfoods That You Need in Your Diet

In our modern, hectic, rushed, and overworked lives, many of us often find ourselves too busy to prepare or sometimes even eat healthy, balanced, and home-cooked meals. Fast food was once a luxury, a treat, something that was only occasionally eaten when there was a reason for it. Now, many people find themselves so busy from work that fast food is a regular staple of their diet, idling in the...

The Powerful Connection Between The Gut and Stress Management

Years ago, doctors did not understand the body-mind connection because the mind is nonphysical. Thanks to decades of research, we now know that the mind communicates with every body cell. We know that there are signaling pathways from the brain to organs in our body, including the gut microbiome, and back again. There are enough chemical clues to not only convince the medical community, but anyone that moods, beliefs, expectations,...