Supplementing with the Seasons: Why You May Need to Upgrade Your Vitamin Routine

Supplementing with the Seasons: Why You May Need to Upgrade Your Vitamin Routine

While fall is often a time for warm meals, pumpkin patches, and all things cozy, the changing of the seasons also brings a chance to re-evaluate what is working in your routine and what can improve! The dip in temperature, less sunlight, and drier air between summer and fall can also increase the chances of getting sick along with the impending flu season. Utilizing the right targeted supplements can help keep you on track and hit the bull’s eye when it comes to your health. Consider adding in a quality supplement routine to bolster immunity, improve mood, and lock down those healthy fall habits. 

Vitamin vs. Multivitamin 

According to MedlinePlus vitamins are defined as “a group of substances needed for normal cell function, growth, and development”.  Getting the right number of vitamins are vital for the body to run properly. Vitamins play a number of vital roles in the body including supporting the immune system, repairing cells, keeping nerves healthy, and regulating important hormones. Most vitamins do need to come from food as the body does not produce them on their own.  

On the flip side, a multivitamin is defined as a dietary supplement with a number of key vitamins and minerals packed into a convenient pill. Although most vitamins that the body needs are meant to be consumed through our diet, adding in a potent multivitamin or supplement can help to fill in the gaps.  

Why You May Need to Upgrade Your Supplements  

According to research nearly 92% of Americans are struggling with at least 1 mineral or vitamin deficiency. The American diet is often known for its highly processed foods, sugary beverages, and fast food that often lack the essential nutrients the body needs to thrive. Consuming these on a daily or even weekly basis can lead to various micronutrient deficiencies and a host of other medical conditions.  

Having micronutrient deficiencies can also lower immunity and cause a higher risk of chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer, or diabetes. It is best to get the bulk of your nutritional needs from nutrient dense food but the right quality supplement can be a game-changer.  

How To Pick The Right Multivitamin For You 

With so many brands lining the shelves, it is important to double down and your research.  While cost is a variable, it is important to remember that low supplement prices can often indicative of lower quality and synthetic ingredients.  Vibrant Health is a reputable supplement and greens brand with over 30 years of experience in the health and wellness space. Deeply committed to both truth and transparency, Vibrant Health is passionate about full disclosure labeling and delivering top tier supplements that get the job done.     

Available in both a vegan and non-vegan formula, Vibrant Health’s newest launch Trilogy is an innovative and dynamic 3-in-1 supplement that delivers the quality nutrients you need. Give your body and overall health a needed boost with Trilogy, complete with a plant-based multivitamin, omega-3, and probiotic. Consuming omega-3 fatty acids can help to hydrate that dry fall skin, improve your seasonal immunity, as well as keep your cells healthy. Ditch the clutter of 7 different supplement bottles and experience the clean simplicity of just 2 capsules a day with Trilogy.  

Who Can Benefit From a Multivitamin and Supplement Routine? 

  • Those who are busy on-the-go: Having a packed schedule often means there is less time for meal prep or healthy eating around the clock. While choosing healthy eating habits is paramount, a multivitamin and quality supplement can help. 
  • Those with limiting food allergies: Various micronutrient deficiencies are often reported in kids and adults with food allergies to things like: milk, eggs, wheat, gluten, soy, and fish. Replacing any lost micronutrients is key and supplementation can help bridge the gap on a daily basis. 
  • Those who are pregnant or breastfeeding: During pregnancy nutrient deficiencies can be more common due to the increased energy and nutritional needs present. Speaking with your doctor is a great place to begin as there are prenatal vitamins specifically created with pregnancy in mind.  

While life can feel complicated, your supplement routine doesn’t have to be. Experience the peace of mind you’re craving and request a simple blood test from your doctor today for a baseline of what vitamins you could be in need of. Various lifestyle factors can play a role so discussing these with your doctor or practitioner can help identify potential areas of lack. Remember, achieving lasting results in life requires consistency and supplements are no different. Consider adding Trilogy into your routine for mornings as easy as 3-2-1!