You Are Complex: Meet Pelvic Health Physical Therapist Jennifer Loos of Worthy of Wellness

You Are Complex: Meet Pelvic Health Physical Therapist Jennifer Loos of Worthy of Wellness

Here at Vibrant Health, we believe health is an inside job, unique to you. After all, you’re one-of-a-kind and your needs are complex – that’s why your supplements should be too. 

To celebrate all of the beautiful complexities of our lives, each month we’ve been highlighting individuals in our community – taking a peek into the behind-the-scenes of their work life, wellness routines and all the wonderful things that make them who they are. Woman with flowers, smiling

In honor of World Physical Therapy Day September 8th, we got to chat with Physical Therapist Jennifer Loos, founder of Worthy of Wellness. With over 16 years working in the field, she now  specializes in women’s pelvic health therapy — focusing on her clients overall wellbeing.   

In this insightful interview, Jennifer discusses balancing mom life with running a business, her passion for women’s wellness and why pelvic therapy can be a crucial piece of the puzzle when it comes to feeling your best. We hope you enjoy our series…and remember, keep being you! 

How would you describe yourself in three words?  

Extroverted, Emotional, Growing  


What does a typical day in the life running your business look like for you?   

Every day is a little bit different, so typically on Sunday night I chat with my husband about the upcoming week, especially if I have any 7:00 a.m. clients. I wouldn't be able to do this without him! Some days I'm busy with scheduled clients between my kids' bus pick ups and drop offs. Other days I will spend some time marketing, scheduling meet ups with fellow health and wellness practitioners, responding to emails and voicemails, and doing more of the administrative tasks.  

I'll also play around with an Instagram reel here and there. I much prefer to spend my time with my clients and drag my feet on the business side of things though! 


September 8th is World Physical Therapy Day raising awareness on the impact physical therapists can have on our overall health and wellness. With more than 16 years experience in this field, what has been most rewarding to you along the way?   

The absolute most rewarding thing to me (no matter who I work with!) is getting to teach people about their bodies and empowering them with knowledge to create a shift within themselves. Hearing about their improved quality of life is exactly why I do what I do. It never gets old and I'm so thankful that people choose me to be a part of their wellness journey.   


What's something you wish more people knew when it comes to physical therapy? Any misconceptions you want to debunk?    

I wish people knew more about pelvic health therapy! I have so many clients who say "I never knew this existed" or "My doctor never mentioned that this was an option.”  

There are a bunch of misconceptions that I'd love to debunk — especially related to pelvic health! Just because a person is aging, post-menopausal or had a baby, it doesn't mean that they have to live with pain, accept leakage as their new normal, or give up on having pleasurable sex. There are so many options out there to make life more comfortable and enjoyable!  

Another myth is the belief that people do not need pelvic health therapy if they've never been pregnant or had a baby. Things like surgery, diseases like endometriosis, illness, trauma, stress or injuries to back and hips  can all have an effect on pelvic health — irregardless of pregnancy/birth history! 


You specialize in women's health, with a focus on pelvic health PT. Can you tell us more about your work and what sparked your interest in this field?  

I've always had a thing for working with pregnant people, but what really sparked my interest in the pelvic health arena were my own physically and emotionally challenging pregnancy and postpartum periods. I didn't feel well supported and knew we — as a society —  could do better.  I started taking pelvic health courses over six years ago and quickly fell in love.  

I opened Worthy of Wellness Physical Therapy over two and a half years ago and focus on common (but not normal) things like leakage, pelvic pain, pain with sex, urinary and bowel frequency and urgency, constipation, and so much more! I also love working with people prior to pregnancy and more in a preventative/wellness capacity. I'm currently enrolled in a sexual health counselor course and I can't wait to expand my offerings and dive deeper into the realm of sexual health with my clients!   


What are some common challenges you see women face through pregnancy and postpartum?  

Things like hip, back and pelvic pain are common during pregnancy as the body morphs. Also leakage during and after pregnancy is super common, but doesn't have to be accepted as a new "normal.”    

During the postpartum period, generalized weakness, abdominal weakness, and painful sex are super common but pelvic PT can help! I also address mental health because pregnancy and postpartum is tough on so many levels. I like to normalize asking for and receiving help. 


What are your favorite healthy snacks or meals to fuel a busy workday?  

I love a good chocolate peanut butter smoothie with pea protein as a meal on the go…really I just love chocolate. I generally like to load up on protein and veggies to keep me full for a long time!   


Do you have any go-to self-care rituals you want to share with our readers?  

I like to take a few minutes to consciously breathe — especially when I'm taking off my PT hat and putting on my mom hat. I know sometimes I forget to breathe when I'm rushing from here to there or from one thing straight to the next. It helps me to feel centered again and reminds me to slow down.  Sometimes a nice hot bath with epsom salts does the trick too.   


What does wellness look like for you? 

Life is super busy with work, kids, etc. and it's easy to get overwhelmed by it all, but I'm trying to make tending to my needs a priority. The wellness that I'm striving for is feeling whole — physically, interpersonally, emotionally and mentally. It's all intertwined.