Ox Bile For Digestion

Ox Bile For Digestion

What is bile & why is it important

Although we do not currently have Ox Bile in any of our products, it seems to be making some noise in the health and wellness space as of late. So what is bile anyway, and why is it important? Bile is an integral, albeit somewhat overlooked, part of your digestive system. It helps your body break down fats and fatty acids within the digestive tract. Produced by the liver, and then stored in the gallbladder, bile is released when prompted during meals. A healthy liver produces 500 - 600 milliliters of bile each day (verywellhealth.com). Essentially, bile assists your body in breaking down the fats that we eat so that your body can effectively absorb fat soluble vitamins, specifically, vitamins A, D, E and K (saltpgh.com).


Bile also helps the body digest proteins and starches, remove toxins such as heavy metals, and remove excess cholesterol (selfhacked.com). Bile deficiency means that you will have trouble digesting fats, which intern, can cause gallstones, constipation, and erratic blood cholesterol and lipid levels (foodrenegade.com). Bile, being an alkaline solution, also helps to neutralize acid from the stomach, as well as destroy microbes in food (saltpgh.com).


Without a properly functioning digestive system, all kinds of issues can present themselves, including stomach pain, loss of appetite and vitamin deficiencies, to name a few (selfhacked.com). These issues are caused when the bile flow from the gallbladder to the intestine is blocked.



Why ox bile?

You might be thinking to yourself, why would I ever want to put bile from an ox into my body? Well, if your body has a hard time producing bile for itself, ox bile is chemically similar enough to our own bile that our bodies do not have a problem using it in tandem with what we are producing already (foodrenegade.com).


When ox bile is introduced into a digestive system that is not functioning properly (I.e.- bile salts are not properly being absorbed) it can help clear the path for bile salts to flow as they should. This can help breakdown gallstones that may have developed, protect the gut from infection and damage by assisting in the removal of toxins, and generally restore desired function to the digestive system (selfhacked.com).


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