Mini No-Bake Matcha Tea Cheesecake

Mini No-Bake Matcha Tea Cheesecake


Do you ever feel guilty after eating something sweet? Well, this mini cheesecake recipe is perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth without overindulging. Not only does it include a comprehensive green superfood powder (Green Vibrance, of course), its filling is primarily cashews - who knew!We've partnered again with one of our favorite brands, gr8nola. They make some of the best granola we've ever had, and we just love working with brands that share our same passion for health and wellness.


This video was tons of fun to make and we love sharing new and different ways to incorporate green superfoods into your diet! Watch it here, and find the full recipe below.



Mini No-Bake Matcha Tea Cheesecake Recipe:


Ingredients (crust)


1 Cup Medjool Dates


1 1/2 Cups gr8nola Matcha Tea A pinch of salt


A pinch of salt


Ingredients (filling)


1 1/2 Cups raw cashews (pre-soaked in hot water for 1 hour)


3/4 Cups coconut yogurt


1 teaspoon vanilla extract


1 Tablespoon melted coconut oil


1/2 Cup maple syrup


1/4 Tablespoon sea salt


1 Scoop ofGreen Vibrance Matcha Tea



For the crust, mix all 3 ingredients in a blender until a loose dough like consistency forms. Once the mixture is well blended, place a small amount in the bottom of a mini springform pan, or a glass dish, and press down until a crust forms. This will serve as the yummy base for your filling.


Next, add the ingredients for the filling to your clean blender and mix until smooth. Once the filling has been blended to a cream like consistency, pour it into the dish, or spring form pan. Allow the cake to set overnight in your fridge.


That's it!


Once it comes out of the fridge it is ready to eat. We added some toasted coconut on top for some texture, but feel free to add any toppings that you enjoy.


We'd love to hear your thoughts on how this recipe worked for you, so let us know in the comments!