Care Of Review: What You Need To Know

Care Of Review: What You Need To Know

Right now the market of personalized vitamins is growing pretty significantly. One of the brands going for the ride of this massive growth is Care Of. With the use of a questionnaire, Care Of sends you a personal multi-vitamin that suits you.

In this article we are going to review Care Of, and see if it’s as good as it’s made out to be. We will be going over multiple things including the company's background, the science behind their personalized approach, customer reviews, pricing, and potential benefits and drawbacks.

About The Brand

We pretty much covered the basics of Care Of above in the introduction paragraph. But lets dive into the company and why it was started. Care/of was founded by Craig Elbert and Akash Shah in 2016. They were motivated to start the company due to their belief in harnessing technology, science, and human empathy to offer personalized health solutions and simplify the journey to optimal well-being.

How Does Care/Of Work Exactly?

Let’s dive into the process of how Care/Of works. From the questionnaire down to the process of the subscription.

Care/Of Questionnaire: How It Works

In order to get started with Care/Of, you need to take a questionnaire. Are you wondering how deep this questionnaire gets? This is the information they take into consideration.

Basic Information Like Your Sex And Age

People of different ages have different needs when it comes to their multivitamin. Same goes for males and females.

They Ask For Your Email

Once you enter in your name and age, they ask for your email. This is so they could save your recommendation and also take a look at order status, and other marketing materials as well.

They Ask For Your Overall Goals

They give you a list of different things to choose from when it comes to your goals. They include things such as energy, stress, metabolism, skin, digestion, hair, brain, immunity, sleep, fitness, Joints, heart, bones, Nails, and eyes. They will then ask you additional questions based on those goals to see how they could help you. For example, I clicked energy and it asked a few questions such as “do you sometimes feel an afternoon energy slump?” and more.

Past Vitamin Consumption

This will let them know if they have any deficiencies or if they’ve built up adequate or elevated levels of nutrients. 

Different Health Concerns

If you have any significant issues like a bad gut, heart issues, etc, they need to know so they could customize your multivitamin accordingly. 

Dietary Habits

Vitamin intake isn’t the only way you could get nutrients. Because of this they also take into consideration the amount of nutrients you get in through your diet. Is your diet filled with fruits and veggies, or is it filled with processed foods?

Asks For Your Allergies/Dietary Restrictions 

Of course they have to stay away from giving you supplements that you’re allergic to. So they have this as a part of the questionnaire. It also asks you if you have any dietary restrictions. Are you limiting gluten, on a paleo diet, etc. 

Lifestyle Habits

Your lifestyle could tell a lot about how your body could absorb nutrients. Are you active, do you smoke? These are questions they need to know. It also asks you if you want any support in regards to your fitness routine (it will throw out supplements according to this). It even goes into sexual function if you opt into answering those questions.

You Then Get Your Recommended Supplements

Once you take the questionnaire, you then get your suggested supplements. Here’s an example of my results.

How Is The Pricing For Care/OF

Your supplements are then shipped to you and ordered on a subscription every 30 days. Based on my recommendations, the subscription would be $40, but the more things you click in terms of goals, the more expensive the subscription could get so keep that in mind. It can go from $40 all the way to hundreds of dollars, so when you’re picking your goals, choose carefully.

What's The Full List Of Supplements Care/Of Has To Offer?

Care/Of offers a wide array of supplements in order to fulfill the individual needs of whoever takes their questionnaire. Let’s dive into exactly what those supplements are.





- Collagen

Matcha, Lemon Passion Fruit, Vanilla Oat Creamer, Unflavored

Bovine collagen powders that support skin, hair, and joint health.

- Protein

Chocolate (Whey & Plant-based), Vanilla (Whey & Plant-based)

Protein powders that aid muscle repair and growth.

- Boosts

- Superberry

"The Antioxidant Ace"

Made from 11 superfruits like acerola cherry and acai. Supports collagen production and immune function.

- Creatine

"The Muscle Maker"

Contains creatine, an amino acid for energy and enhanced physical performance.

- Electrolytes

"The Comeback Kid"

Mix of electrolytes and antioxidants. Supports hydration and acts as a potential hangover cure.

- Maca

"The Energy Root"

An adaptogen herb from Peru. Helps in dealing with stress and boosting energy.

- Quick Sticks

Various formulations for digestion, energy, etc.

Single-serving powders with a mix of micronutrients and herbs for specific health concerns.

Letter Vitamins

B complex, Vitamins C, D, B12

Essential vitamins that support various bodily functions, from energy production to immune system support.


Elderberry, Ashwagandha, Garlic, Milk Thistle

Herbal supplements known for various health benefits, from immune support to stress relief.


Prenatal vitamin, Multivitamin options

Comprehensive vitamins tailored for general health or specific life stages like pregnancy.


Omega-3s, Vegan Collagen Boosters, Keratin, Astaxanthin, Mushroom Blend, etc.

Unique supplements targeting specific health concerns or providing additional nutrients.


Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Zinc

Essential minerals that support bone health, blood production, muscle function, and immune response.


Probiotic Blend, Prebiotic Plus

Supplements that support gut health by promoting beneficial bacteria and microbial balance.


Digestive Enzymes, Sleep Blend, Focus Blend

Bottled supplements designed for specific health goals like digestion, sleep, and focus.

How Does Care/Of Ensure The Quality Of Its Supplements?

All of the supplements from Care/Of undergo rigorous third-party testing to ensure their quality and safety. In addition to this testing, Care/Of supplements are backed by extensive research and are expertly formulated by doctors to meet the highest standards of efficacy and health benefits.

Pros And Cons Of Care/OF

Now it’s time to go into all the pros and cons of Care/Of. What’s good about it and what’s bad about it.

Pros Of Care/Of

Very simple ordering process

Ordering your personalized supplements with Care/Of is very easy. The quiz is fast and the check out process is simple.

Wide Variety Of Supplements

Due to the extensiveness of the quiz, and attentiveness to your goals, Care/Of has a wide variety of supplements that will help with whatever you need.

Cons Of Care/Of

No Consultation With a Dietician Or Nutritionist

There is no added consultation with a dietician or nutritionist. Which isn’t great for people who want a more hands on approach. 

Questionnaires Are Surface Level When It Comes To Nutritional Needs

When you have vitamin deficiencies the biggest way to tell is through medical testing. A simple quiz really isn’t going to tell you everything. For example, you could need help with energy, but there are so many reasons why your energy could be low. You could be a man suffering from low testosterone, or 100 different reasons.

What Do Customers Have To Say About The Product?

Now let's talk about what customers have to say as well. We’re going to use the trust pilot reviews for Care/Of so we could see what the pros and cons are from a consumer perspective.

What Customers Like

  • Many customers experienced noticeable health improvements after using Care/of supplements.
  • Users appreciate the personalized approach and packaging, making vitamin consumption enjoyable.
  • The vitamins are praised for their pleasant taste and easy digestion.
  • The convenience of daily packs and compostable pouches is a highlight for many.
  • Many people were concerned with how Care/of offers a diverse range of supplements, catering to various health needs.
  • The brand's customer service is responsive and efficient, leading to high trust.
  • While most find the products affordable and valuable, a few consider them a bit pricey.
  • Overall, customers are highly satisfied with Care/Of offerings and the benefits they derive.

What Customers Don’t Like

  • Some customers feel the company's practices can seem scammy, particularly with unexpected product shipments and perceived gaps in customer service.
  • Delivery issues are a common concern, with packages often left in unsecured areas or not delivered at all.
  • A significant number of users were unaware they were signed up for auto-order and found it challenging to communicate with customer service.
  • The taste and aftertaste of the vitamins were unfavorable for several customers.
  • The "custom" nature of Care/Of's service was questioned by some, who felt it lacked depth and personalization.
  • Pricing and unexpected charges were a recurring issue, with some customers feeling deceived by the subscription model.
  • Some found the product form, such as capsules, hard to consume.

Why Trilogy May Be the Only Supplement You Need

Subscription services where different supplements are given to you based on your wants and needs is nice, but is it really necessary? How about taking a supplement that has three of the most recommended supplements all in one package instead? Trilogy combines Omega 3’s, probiotics, and a multivitamin all in one package. 

These three supplements together are the triad of foundational supplements that cater to the broadest spectrum of what our body needs. Let's go into why.

Omega-3’ Benefits

Let’s start with Omega 3’s. They help support brain function, heart health ,and last but not least joint and bone health. It’s good to supplement Omega 3’s because they could be hard to get in on a regular basis for a lot of people (especially those on a plant based diet).


Next up is probiotics. Probiotics help with digestive balance, immunity, and also mental health. It’s good to supplement probiotics because of the fact that a lot of people don’t eat foods rich in probiotics on a regular basis. 


The icing on the cake is the multivitamin. Even with a really good diet, most people still have nutritional gaps. The multivitamin with Trilogy ensures that you’re able to get a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals.

Price Point Doesn’t Get Out Of Hand

With Trilogy, you get everything you need from a foundational standpoint and things never get out of hand price wise:

  • Trilogy (Regular): Priced at $38.50 with a subscription, if we assume a monthly supply (typically 30 servings), it translates to approximately $1.28 per serving.
  • Trilogy (Vegan): Priced at $41.30 with a subscription for a monthly supply, this comes to roughly $1.38 per serving.

Do these three work together at all?

So do these three work separately or do they work together in any way? They actually work together in a few ways. Due to the fact that probiotics make your stomach healthier, you’re able to digest the nutrients from the multivitamins more effectively. Also, when it comes to the Omega-3’s, they act as a prebiotic for the probiotic which means they help feed and support the growth of the beneficial bacteria in your gut.


The world of personalized vitamins is rapidly evolving, and Care/Of has positioned itself as a frontrunner in this burgeoning market. Their unique approach, combining technology with a deep understanding of individual health needs, sets them apart. The comprehensive questionnaire, while not a replacement for medical testing, offers a tailored supplement regimen that caters to a wide range of health goals and concerns.

However, as we move towards personalized solutions, it's essential to remember the foundational supplements that most individuals need. While Care/Of offers a comprehensive list of supplements based on one's personal requirements, there's also value in streamlining and focusing on the essentials that have broad-ranging benefits for the majority.

If you’re interested in possibly buying Trilogy, check it out here! If you want to read more blog posts like this, click here!