Andrew Huberman Vitamin Protocols, Are They Worth The Hype?

Andrew Huberman Vitamin Protocols, Are They Worth The Hype?

If you’re into health related topics, chances are you’ve seen Andrew Huberman before. He has a large following through his Huberman Lab podcast which is a top 10 podcast in the world, and also has 3.5 million subs on Youtube. 

What he does is make very complex things sound simple. That’s exactly why hes so popular. 

He’s able to communicate these things so simply because he is a neuroscientist and professor of  Neurobiology and Ophthalmology at Stanford University.

Some of the topics he talks about most are positive thinking, stress management, brain function, and more. 

So how exactly does Andrew feel about vitamins? For this article we watched this YouTube video where he specifically talks about this topic, and we are going to break everything down. 

Supplements As a Mainstay

In the beginning of the video, Andrew discusses how supplements used to be more so a niche interest, confined to health food stores and specific athlete communities. However, over the last two decades, they have become a mainstay not only in the health and wellness industry but also within medical communities that are focused on mental health, physical health, and performance. He notes that "supplements... have emerged as a mainstay within the health and wellness but also the medical communities." This shift reflects a broader acceptance and integration of supplementation into everyday health practices for a wide range of people.

There’s No Replacement For Healthy Behaviors

The thing he brought up in the video is the fact that there's no supplement that can replace the benefits of direct sunlight, exercise, social connections, or sleep for overall health. Huberman emphasizes that, "there is no pill replacement for Sunshine nor is there a pill replacement or food replacement for that matter for exercise or for social connection or for sleep." He believes heavily in a balanced approach to health that prioritizes these foundational behaviors, reinforcing the idea that while supplements can be beneficial, they are not a substitute for healthy living practices.

Foundational Supplements

Next up, Andrew discussed how he felt about foundational supplements. He said that "These are supplements that are designed to establish a foundation or provide insurance along with your nutritional intake." He acknowledges the broad spectrum of effects these supplements aim to cover, including "vitamins and minerals, digestive enzymes designed to achieve a broad spectrum of effects." However, he cautions against over-reliance on supplements for nutrition, reminding us that "most people who take a vitamin mineral supplement will indeed excrete a lot of the water-soluble vitamins; they will retain the fat-soluble vitamins." Huberman's stance is clear: supplements should complement, not replace, a diverse and balanced diet. 

Safety Concerns

He also preached his safety concerns stating that "provided that vitamin mineral supplements are not taken in excess, it's unlikely that you're going to have such a buildup of the fat-soluble vitamins in your system that they're going to be a problem." He warns against the excessive intake of fat-soluble vitamins due to their potential to accumulate to harmful levels, advocating for moderation and caution. He also advises that, "You don't want to take dosages of vitamins and minerals from supplements that are exceedingly high," highlighting the importance of maintaining a balance to avoid adverse effects on health.

Optimal Nutrition

On top of supplements, Andrew also talked about optimal nutrition stating, "The key thing is to get most, that is about 75 to 80% of your foods or more from non-processed or minimally processed sources... most people should avoid highly processed foods... and focus most of their intake on things that are non-processed... These would be things like fruits and vegetables... or minimally processed foods such as... rice and oatmeals and pastas, beans, and things of that sort."

Multi-Ingredient Formulas

Lastly, he discusses his case for multi-ingredient formulas saying, "For foundational supplements, I think it makes sense to explore multi-ingredient formulations. These are designed to achieve a broad spectrum of effects and can cater to the complex nutritional needs of our bodies."

With this perspective, he acknowledges the potential benefits of comprehensive supplements that offer more than just isolated nutrients. 

This approach aligns well with the concept behind Trilogy, a multi-ingredient supplement designed to provide a well-rounded nutritional profile.

Why Trilogy Is a Great Option Based On Andrews Protocols

Trilogy is a 3-in-1 supplement that combines a multivitamin, omega-3, and probiotic. 

The multivitamin aspect includes Vitamins A, B12, C, D3, E, and key minerals like selenium, magnesium, and zinc; it's engineered to support a myriad of bodily functions.

The Omega-3 aspect of Trilogy is made to meet the needs of every individual, regardless of dietary preferences. Huberman has highlighted the importance of Omega-3 fatty acids in maintaining heart health and cognitive function. Trilogy offers the choice between Fish Oil and Vegan Algal Oil, both rich in DHA and EPA, the essential fatty acids that are crucial for brain health and overall wellbeing. 

Finally, the probiotic element of Trilogy brings to the table 20 billion CFUs from 12 different strains, each selected for their bile resistance and ability to survive the acidic journey through the stomach. 

Now that we briefly discussed what Trilogy is all about let’s discuss how it fits within Huberman's protocols. 

Multi-Ingredient Formulation

Within Andrews protocols we talked about how he highlighted the importance of multi-ingredient supplements for achieving a broad spectrum of health benefits. Trilogy stands out as a product that aligns with these principles. It's a comprehensive 3-in-1 supplement that encapsulates the essence of what Huberman suggests is beneficial for foundational health support.

Foundational Supplements

According to Huberman, foundational supplements should provide insurance along with nutritional intake to ensure you're getting all the essential nutrients for basic mental and physical health. Trilogy's inclusion of a multivitamin ensures that users can fill any potential gaps in their diet, which is especially beneficial for those with dietary restrictions or specific lifestyle choices that might limit their intake of certain nutrients.

Vitamins and Minerals

While discussing vitamins and minerals he emphasized the importance of them being the insurance policy. But he also discussed how people will excrete excess water-soluble vitamins, fat-soluble vitamins are retained and can accumulate in the body. 

Trilogy's formulation takes this into account by offering a balanced multivitamin that includes both water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins in quantities that complement a typical diet, without the risk of excessive accumulation. This careful balance aligns with Huberman's protocols, ensuring that the supplement serves as a reliable nutritional insurance policy while also respecting the body's limits for fat-soluble vitamin storage.

Probiotics Instead Of Enzymes and Adaptogens

As we stated above, the discussion of foundational supplements extends beyond traditional vitamins and minerals to encompass digestive enzymes and adaptogens. These components are recognized more and more for their roles in enhancing the body's resilience to stress and supporting digestive health, which is essential for the optimal absorption of nutrients.

In the context of Trilogy's advanced formulation, while it does not explicitly include adaptogens, the inclusion of a robust probiotic blend aligns with the spirit of Huberman's expanded definition. Probiotics, much like digestive enzymes, play a pivotal role in gut health, which is foundational to overall wellness. As Huberman might suggest, a healthy digestive system is critical not just for nutrient absorption but also for immune function and mental health.

Another thing added within Trilogy instead of enzymes and adaptogens is the omega-3. Incorporating Omega-3s into the mix, as Huberman would likely agree, adds another layer of support for the body's complex systems. He acknowledges the importance of such nutrients in the video stating, "there are also supplements such as Vitamin D3 which are designed to make sure that people have certain amounts of hormones in their bloodstream because they might not be getting enough sunshine." Omega-3s, much like Vitamin D3, are often under-consumed in the typical diet, making their supplementation beneficial.


Huberman emphasizes the importance of safety when taking supplements. So you may be wondering if Trilogy is safe? The answer is yes. Here’s why:

Quality Ingredients

Vibrant Health sources their ingredients very carefully. So much so that you could take a look at this page full of their ingredients, where they are sourced from, and their benefits.  Not only are they quality, but each supplement has synergy in mind (like Trilogy).


Vibrant also believes in full transparency. The product labels never leave you guessing how much of one specific ingredient is actually in there. With the way the rules are set up in the U.S, you don’t have to disclose every ingredient as long as they are labeled as proprietary blends, however, Vibrant doesn’t believe in that. 

Third-Party Testing

Every supplement (including Trilogy goes through a rigorous testing routine. When the ingredients are first sourced, they are tested. Then, once sent to the Vibrant mixing center, it’s tested again. Once the supplement is blended into the final product its tested again by an independent party to ensure the final product is good to go. 

Allergen-Free Options

Most products, including Trilogy, offer products that are free of gluten, dairy, gmo’s, soy and nuts. Specifically, Trilogy offers a vegan and non-vegan option. 


If you've been inspired by Andrew Huberman's knowledge and are looking for a supplement that aligns with his protocols, consider giving Trilogy a try. Trilogy's blend of multivitamins, omega-3s, and probiotics is designed to complement your diet and support your overall well-being, filling in the nutritional gaps that modern life often leaves.

If you’re interested in giving it a try, click here now! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can Trilogy replace a balanced diet?

No, Trilogy should never be taken to try and replace a balanced diet. It should be taken to compliment it.

Q: Is Trilogy suitable for all diets?

A: Trilogy offers options to fit various lifestyles, including fish oil for non-vegetarians and vegan algal oil for those following a plant-based diet.

Q: Does Andrew Huberman endorse Trilogy?

No, Andrew Huberman doesn’t endorse Trilogy, the information is based on a YouTube video he put out on his general protocols. We just went over how Trilogy could be aligned with his protocols in some ways.