You Are Complex: Meet Police Officer and Dedicated Father Omar Thomas

Here at Vibrant Health, we believe health is an inside job, unique to you. After all, you’re one-of-a-kind, and your needs are complex – that’s why your supplements should be too. 

To celebrate all of the beautiful complexities of our lives, each month we’ve been highlighting individuals in our community – taking a peek into the behind-the-scenes of their work-life, wellness rituals, and all the wonderful things that make them who they are. 

In this month’s Vibrant Health series, we got to catch up with Omar Thomas, a police officer and dedicated father to his three-year-old son. His son was diagnosed with autism at 18 months old, which has been a daily learning experience – only making their family stronger.  

In this inspiring interview, we got to chat with Omar about his favorite part of being a father, his go-to healthy meal to cook for the family (which is always made with love) and why living a happy, lifestyle with his loved ones is a non-negotiable for him. We hope you enjoy our series… and remember, keep being you

Omar K. Thomas, 36, Police Officer & Father 

How would you describe yourself in three words? 

I am Social, Personable and Loving.

One of your greatest roles is being a father to your three-year-old son. Tell us a bit more about your relationship and what that means to you. 

Fatherhood is everything to me. I feel very blessed to be Zion Omar Thomas’ father. The birth of my son changed my life to a more kid-friendly life. If I cannot bring my son around, chances are I’m not going to be around. I am a very proud dad that wants to do whatever it takes to develop and nurture my relationship with my son. Fatherhood reinforces the statement that time is priceless and important for me. 

In saying that, I do my best to provide time and energy to everything that my son is a part of. I make a production of waking up in the morning or driving to daycare. I document and relive moments as simple as brushing our teeth or as monumental as riding the bike with him. I love every breath I take being his father. 

Your son was diagnosed with autism at 18 months old. What challenges did that bring for your family, and how did you adapt? How has this made your stronger?

At 18 months, my son was diagnosed with autism and it has been a learning and growing experience daily. The challenge truly comes with trying to help people understand and embrace his differences. I work hard to support him while building his trust in others. I want to trust that they will be gentle and respectful of his space and needs.

This diagnosis has also made me stronger and more aware of young people and the needs or support that they require daily. I am also more open to meeting people and learning about their journey through life as I understand how different we all are.  

What is your favorite part about being a father, and raising a son?

My favorite part about being a father is the hugs. The amount of love that my son gives me reminds me every day what I live for. Raising my son and being the most active daddy has so many rewards. I have an exercise partner, an assistant chef, a personal landscaper and the list goes on. 

He’s always here as a companion and my sidekick. We wear capes and have races and a personal favorite: daily photoshoots and videography. Being a father shows me what unconditional love is – the joy in my son’s eyes when I pick him up from daycare or the excitement he shows me when I ignite our favorite game. The way a child loves you when you give them your time or attention is life in itself. 

How do you like to stay healthy and active when you’re not working?

When I’m not working, I stay healthy and fit by taking time for myself to do absolutely nothing, hitting the gym, biking, running on the local trails, or spending time with friends and family who hold me accountable. 

I also love to cook. I use a variety of recipes to provide healthy and fresh meals for my family. But the best part of staying active and healthy are the frequent movement breaks with my son. 

What is your favorite healthy meal to cook for your family?

Right now my favorite quick and easy meal happens on pizza night. I’ll either place a Stonehill flatbread or Stonehill naan bread on the grill or in the oven with whatever toppings I have in the fridge at the time. 

Recently we enjoyed a Shrimp and tomato, pineapple and spinach, and a classic meat lover with veggies pizza. We prepare the meal together, as my son helps with cutting veggies and I do the heavy lifting and oven work. It’s delicious mostly because it’s made with love! 

What does wellness look like for you? How do you live a healthy lifestyle? 

To me, wellness is taking care of all of you – mind, body, and soul. It’s fueling your body inside and out, eating well, taking care of your mind, physical exercise, and putting yourself in a position to be growing from the person you were yesterday. 

I am healthy because I read and research when necessary, I seek and accept advice when needed, and I give as much as I take from this world. I listen and learn from others and that keeps me grounded and open-minded. 

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers at Vibrant Health?

If I could share anything with the Vibrant Health readers, I would say life is too short not to have a happy lifestyle with your loved ones. You have to find what works for you and what you enjoy and allow them to happen organically together. Try to avoid forcing life and find peace, health, and wealth within yourself. I appreciate this opportunity to share a little of US with you!

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