You Are Complex: Meet Financial Services Professional Jenilee Wirtz

Here at Vibrant Health, we believe health is an inside job, unique to you. After all, you’re one-of-a-kind and your needs are complex – that’s why your supplements should be too.

To celebrate all of the beautiful complexities of our lives, over the next few months we’re going to be highlighting individuals in our community – taking a peek into the behind-the-scenes of their work life, wellness rituals and all the wonderful things that make them who they are.

In this month’s Vibrant Health series, we got to catch up with local Financial Services Professional Jenilee Wirtz. In this inspiring interview, we chat with Jenilee about the current state of our economy, how to develop an abundance mindset and one of the biggest budgeting blind spots she sees with her clients. (Hint: it has to do with your weekly Happy Hour). We hope you enjoy our series…and remember, keep being you!

Jenilee Wirtz, 31, Financial Services Professional

How would you describe yourself in three words? 

Tenacious, Fun, and Positive

What does a day in the life as a Financial Pro look like?

No two days are the same, that’s for sure. I wake up around 5:20 a.m. and hit CrossFit – sometimes with my toddler in tow. I get ready very quickly (one of my most impressive skills thanks to growing up boating) and head into the office. On the way in, I listen to a podcast or make phone calls to friends and family.

My day is scheduled in advance, and all of my prep is typically done for the appointments/clients I’m seeing. For existing clients of all ages, we sit and review our strategies, get life updates (sometimes good, and sometimes not-so-good), and make any changes necessary. With prospective clients, I listen. I listen to what they’re trying to accomplish and find out what their financial goals and desires are. From there, I help them on their options or any ways I think I may be able to help them. That’s what I do…I help educate people to make the best possible decisions for themselves.

I will occasionally have phone or video appointments with clients who are spread widely throughout the U.S., but most come to me to sit down and talk. Three nights a week I’m typically home late. Many clients want to see me after their work days are done so I hurry home, get a little family time, head to bed, and start it all over again.

Can you speak to someone who may be anxious about the state of our economy right now? Do you have any words of wisdom particularly during this time?

It’s so palpable right now! I personally am very interested to see what happens with our economy. Part of this pandemic feels like a snowstorm; it’s almost oddly exciting for me. And of course, there is the fear of the unknown!

The best guidance I can give is to “stay the course.” Your 401k or other investments may look pretty scary right now. As long as your portfolio is properly diversified for your risk tolerance and timeline, you should be good! In plain English and true Jenilee truth style: You can’t touch that 401k or IRA money until you have a full head of gray hair, so don’t panic. Let it ride! This is also a time of opportunity. Everything is on sale – if you have lazy money that you don’t need right now, or for let’s say five to ten years, this may be a good time to buy!

You speak about developing an abundance mindset. What are some of your go-to strategies to do this?  

One of my favorite sayings came from my dad, which is to THINK BIG AND ADD A ZERO. This pretty much applies to whatever you’re manifesting. I also strongly believe in the law of attraction. Your mind and body are listening to your thoughts.  Make them positive ones! A positive, abundant mindset coupled with hard work is a win. This one’s corny…but “if it’s to be, it’s up to me.” Boom.

What’s the biggest misconception you find people have when it comes to managing their finances? Or something people aren’t doing that they should be doing?  

People aren’t asking for help! For so many reasons, we don’t talk about money. We grow up with certain stigmas, attitudes, and habits around money that we sometimes subconsciously learn from our parents. Those habits somehow develop into the way we deal with money as adults, and we typically hold shame and fear around talking about money. If you want to do better, let’s do better.

My clients chose their professions because they have passion and are experts in their fields. They (or society) would not want me designing a building or doing engineer work on a plane. So if you’re wanting financial strategies, seek it from a professional! “Don’t try this stuff at home folks” – and if you have been, there’s a pretty high chance we may be able to do it better, together.

You mention one of the biggest budgeting blind spots is dining out. What do you suggest for our readers to look at their own spending habits, and still have fun on a budget? On that note, do you have any favorite recipes to make at home?  

Yes! Dining out is such a budget suck. For starters, if you order takeout, you’re already saving 20% (from the tip). Not to mention if you enjoy drinks from home versus expensive cocktails out, you’re saving – win! And of course, no money spent on an Uber home because it’s 2020 and we don’t drink and drive.

Of course, the better option is to cook a meal at home; honestly cooking a meal with friends is great. Maybe we can start a dining in movement? My favorite thing to cook at home is a veggie frittata. It’s so easy! I don’t follow a recipe, but here’s one from The Food Network you can try. I also love a good charcuterie board, but that’s not cooking.

What does wellness look like for you? Do you have any daily wellness routines?  

I do Crossfit six times a week and cardio daily. Cardio usually looks like taking my babe for a walk and getting some sunshine or making the house suffer as I do a cardio dance video!

I am on an extremely regimented diet right now because my life partner decided he wants to make this thing official, and we have a date set for this summer so I’m on crunch mode! Hopefully we have enough chicken and egg whites to survive the quarantine. I also see a therapist weekly, which is so huge for my overall wellness. It’s a big time (and dollar) commitment, but it’s helped me through so much.

What’s your number one money manifesting hack you want to share with our readers?

“When we start keeping track, the score gets better.” This applies to everything from making sure there’s enough money in your checking and savings accounts to making sure you’re checking off some serious items off your to-do list to get your financial house in order. This applies to clients who have $1,500 invested with us to $1,500,000 with us, and everybody in between.

So let me know what we need to start keeping track of, and how I may help! You can reach out and learn more about me on my Facebook Page here.


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