Our Wish For You This Black History Month

To Our Vibrant Community,

This black history month, perhaps, more than any other, we recognize Black Lives’ value and their role in the founding of our beloved country. Black lives do indeed matter, and it’s not only disrespectful to reduce this belief to a BLM abbreviation; it’s a step back into our indignant and callous past. We’ve come too far.

The past 12 months have been tumultuous, and at times, extremely painful. This time has taught us not to take our health for granted, our freedom lightly, and our blessings in vain. It forced us to slow down and take a more in-depth look inward for peace when things felt too burdensome to bear.

At Vibrant Health, we believe in America, in Freedom of Speech, and the Democratic process. We are confident in this country’s ability to do the right thing. As an organization, we stand by all who believe the responsibility lies within us to do what’s right to make America the land of opportunity, where anyone can make their dream a reality.

As owners of one of Black Enterprise’s top 100 Black-owned companies, we stand as a prime example that anything is possible when you put your mind to something and work hard.

This Black history month, we urge you to continue growing, learning, and sharing your experiences with each other and with us.


Wishing you vibrant health,

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