Improving Gut Health with Probiotics

Benefits of Probiotics on Gut Health

Probiotics are a hot topic right now, and for good reason. They help keep us healthy. They reside on the skin, on urogenital tissues and in the gastrointestinal tract. Everything we swallow, either friendly or dangerous, can only enter the body after crossing the linings of the gastrointestinal tract.

The most important bacteria, for the topic of gut health, are Lactobacillus bacteria that live in the digestive system. They are also in some fermented foods such as yogurt and in dietary supplements. These bacteria are used for treating and preventing diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, and inflammation of the colon, to name a few.

We have always known they aid digestion by helping to break down proteins, starches, and sugars, and as research has grown, we have, learned that certain of them synthesize vitamin K, and vitamin B12. Poor diet is one of the main contributors to deficiency in both of these vitamins.

When probiotics in the intestinal tract become deficient, digestion is one of the first body systems to become flawed. Supplementation with multiple probiotics can help.

For the General Good
There are many mechanisms by which probiotics enhance intestinal health, including stimulating the immune system, competition for limited nutrients, and ensuring the body can flush out toxins.

Bottom line, they keep us healthy from the inside out.

Supplementing the diet with multiple strains of probiotics, selected for their complementary attributes, is the best way to protect your gut health.

And it is good to do every day.

Research has shown that daily supplementation can increase the size and strength of colonies of probiotic bacteria in the intestines while shrinking and suppressing the size and viability of pathogenic colonies. (Both good and bad bacteria reside in the GI tract.)

The human trials that revealed the impermanence of probiotic supplementation, turned on its head the former presumption that supplementation with probiotics for a specific period of time could permanently alter intestinal microbiota for the better. Instead, the trials showed that the established microbiological environment in the gut is resistant to change, but can be maintained in an improved state through continual supplementation.

Ultimately, we’ve recognized that certain probiotics do survive their journey through the gastrointestinal tract and that during such passage, these probiotics continue to be metabolically active, providing health benefits along the way. Therefore, a potent dose of multiple strains of probiotics are included in Green Vibrance, a dietary supplement that can be taken every day.

Is there such a thing as taking too many probiotics? No.

It has been confirmed that a higher intake of probiotics assists the cleansing and renewing of the intestinal tract. With 25 billion probiotics, Green Vibrance helps not only to support gut health, but your health over all.

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