What's the difference between U.T. Vibrance and U.T. Biotic?

What's the difference between U.T. Vibrance and U.T. Biotic?

Crisis Intervention


When it comes to urogenital tract discomfort, U.T. Vibrance has what it takes to get you back in shape. Providing 5,000mg of D-mannose per serving, U.T. Vibrance is the most potent product available on the market today. D-mannose has been shown to keep E. coli (which is the culprit in many infections, including UTIs) from adhering to the linings of soft tissues. The molecular shape is similar, allowing D-mannose to occupy receptor sites normally favored by E. coli. Having nothing to grab onto, E. coli is flushed through the system. You may notice that the directions say to take 3 to 4 servings of the product per day‚and that‚s no mistake! One bottle of U.T. Vibrance is intended to last about 2.5 days. Many people report feeling better in a short amount of time. U.T. Vibrance is available in powder and tablets. 



Daily Defense


The urogenital tract requires thriving probiotic communities to stay strong, just like the digestive tract. That‚s where U.T. Biotic comes in, delivering a powerful daily dose to help maintain urogenital health with a careful balance of probiotics and botanicals.


How to Take U.T. Vibrance and U.T. Biotic


U.T. Vibrance comes in powder and tablet forms. Many people find the powder, mixed with cranberry or blueberry juice, is easier to take than tablets. Still others, who find tablets to be more convenient, prefer the tablet form. Our smoothie test kitchen hasn‚t developed many recipes for U.T. Vibrance powder, as people in good health don‚t need strong doses of D-mannose, but if you come up with one, please share!


Most U.T. Biotic users take their daily dose at the same time as other vitamins. U.T. Biotic can be comfortably taken on an empty stomach. If you want to mix it up, crack open a capsule and make a spritzer‚check out our crowd-pleasing recipe here.


You might think of U.T. Biotic as the calmer, gentler sister of U.T. Vibrance, but if we‚re honest, people who take U.T. Biotic daily should never have to resort to crisis. It‚s a bold statement, but it‚s one we‚re willing to make!


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