6 Steps to a Premium Supplement

6 Steps to a Premium Supplement


What could it possibly take to make a batch of Green Vibrance? Find some awesome greens, whole foods and superfoods, powder 'em up, and mix them together, right? Well, sort of. But it's way, way more than that.


In fact, it takes four months from start to finish to make just one small batch of Green Vibrance. But the care and time we put into each batch is worth every minute. How do we know? One has to look no further than our customer success stories and our clean, comprehensive final product that hits store shelves.


At Vibrant Health, transparency is the name of the game. There's nothing to hide in our clinically backed formulas, or in our manufacturing process process--so join us on an adventure through the process of the making the most nutrient rich superfood on the planet.




Mark Timon, our Clinical Nutritionist and Fearless Formulator, had designed hundreds of products for other companies before founding Vibrant Health in 1992. As a freelance formulator, Mark encountered a problem: each time he'd design a formula, the company would cut costs and corners until his original idea was barely a shadow of a thought in the finished product. Driven by a desire to provide an authentic, effective product that would "get you right" on the inside, Mark founded Vibrant Health and gave himself the freedom to formulate as he had always wanted.


Green Vibrance was the first Vibrant Health product, and the first supplement of its kind on the shelf. Today, our products are still designed with our Fearless Formula at the helm.


The first ingredient in every product is careful thought, and Green Vibrance is no different.We utilize ingredients that work in harmony together to create a potent and effective formula. Using his knowledge of clinical nutrition, spreadsheets, and good old human brain power, Mark has fit together specific amounts of raw ingredient variables for maximum nutritional potential.


Our formulas always consider clinical nutrition and customer need, instead of the latest trend.



Once a new product formula, or an update to an existing formula, is established, our Production team begins to acquire the necessary materials. Our first step is to identify reputable and ethical suppliers of a needed ingredient, in a form as close to its food origin as possible. Among these suppliers, we then consider various factors‚ including cost, quality, potency, and location‚ to determine which raw material will be best for the particular formula.


Once a material is selected, we then gather the suppliers' third-party analyses of the material, to confirm potency, purity, and identity. If the material passes all of our quality checkpoints, we order the correct amount and arrange shipment to our blending and bottling facility. This material selection process is then repeated for each ingredient in the product: 65+ for Green Vibrance, and 95+ for Maximum Vibrance!


Most supplement companies bundle this process with the services provided by the bottler, but we choose to manage everything in house to ensure all of our quality standards are met.



Raw materials arrive at our blending and bottling facility, who partner with us in our manufacturing process. We rent machinery and warehouse space in the blending and bottling facility (a process referred to as tolling), to give us small-batch flexibility and control over our manufacturing process.


Each raw material is received at the loading dock, where a sample is taken and sent to a lab for testing. This additional analysis on the material‚s potency, purity, and identity, confirms the test results received from the supplier in the procurement phase. Ingredients that pass will advance to our warehouse space, while those that don‚t are marked and returned to the supplier.



Blending sounds simple, but this phase is one of the most complicated aspects of producing Green Vibrance--and many of our other products as well.


For one batch of Green Vibrance, the head office provides the warehouse with a list of ingredients corresponding to each of the three blending phases: pre-blending, blending, and milling. These ingredients are selected from warehouse shelves, wrapped on pallets, and then transported to the blending facility where they are divided up into five lots.


To achieve a consistent texture that will dissolve well, each ingredient needs to be added and blended in the proper order. One-fifth of the ingredients are combined first, in the pre-blend; the remainder are combined and filtered in the main blending phase. Two ingredients (carrot and apple) must be milled before being added into the main blend, to avoid clumping.


The Green Vibrance we know and love depends on this meticulous recipe, so a consistent product is delivered every time.


Sacks of blended Green Vibrance then go back to the warehouse. From there, the sacks are transported to the bottling line where the product is measured, filled, and labeled, in various container sizes.




We're nothing if not sticklers for testing and testing again (and a third time). Once the a finished bottle comes off the line, it's sent to an independent, third party, National EnvironmentalLaboratory AccreditationProgram (NELAP)-accredited laboratory for a final round of testing to confirm nutritional analysis and guarantee that our product meets heavy metal safety standards.


Only when Green Vibrance passes this final testing round can it be made available for purchase.



 The final stage is the most fun--Green Vibrance is ready to ship! It takes four months from start to finish, but we firmly believe that every second of the process is worth it, to bring you the most nutrient rich superfood on the planet.


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