10 Reasons Why Green Vibrance Should Be Your Favorite Green Superfood Supplement

10 Reasons Why Green Vibrance Should Be Your Favorite Green Superfood Supplement

We've been hearing good things about Green Vibrance from customers and store owners alike since its creation in 1992. On the heels of the product‚s 14th award, we want to highlight some of our favorite reasons to love Green Vibrance. (We‚re a little bit obsessed, but really, can you blame us?)


1. Provides energy to power through your day.


‚This powder has been a game changer for me. It helps give me the energy to get up at 4:30 in the morning and attack the gym. I have constant energy at work and feel amazing.‚ ‚Scott N., Verified Reviewer


2. Best selling green superfood in US stores.


Almost half of Green Vibrance‚s 14 awards are Vity awards. Stores cast their vote by submitting their best selling product in each category, and the awards are presented to the product with the most votes. To win a Vity means to win the customer‚s trust, and Green Vibrance has done it time and time again.


3. More than a green superfood.


Anyone can make a green superfood, but few can make one that‚s this complex, robust, and complete. Green Vibrance has 70+ ingredients, including 25 billion probiotics and ingredients to support nutrition, digestion, circulation, and immunity.


4. Contains adaptogens.


Adaptogens seem to be a new conversation in the supplement world, but they‚ve been in Green Vibrance for quite some time. Adaptogens, like holy basil, can help they body overcome the detrimental effects of daily stress.


5. Changes with new nutritional science discoveries.


Have you ever met a study with findings that will never be overturned? Neither have we. Green Vibrance (and all our products) get a thorough review every 18 months, to make sure everything that‚s in there meets the recommendations of the latest verified research.


6. The purest possible product.


Each ingredient is thoughtfully sourced, then tested for identity, quality, and potency. If that testing round passes, the ingredient is shipped to the blending facility, where it is tested again, then blended into the finished product. Once complete, finished product from each batch is sent to a third party for a final round of tests. We will only release a product to market when it has passed all checkpoints.


7. A company that cares.


Vibrant Health founder and formulator Mark Timon said it best: ‚Giving the customer a product that works is just respectful.‚ And we'll never hide what‚s inside.


8. Convenient nutrient delivery.


You could be starting your day with 4.5 servings of fruits and vegetables, found in just one scoop of Green Vibrance. Now it‚s even tastier, too‚check out the new flavors, Chocolate Coconut and Matcha Tea.


9. Build a better lifestyle.


‚With the help of Green Vibrance, my nutritional lifestyle and view about food has transformed ‚ to eating solely to care for my body.‚ ‚Doug H., Disney Entertainer


10. Over 25 years in the making.


Green Vibrance has stood the test of time. We couldn‚t have done it without our loyal customers and retailers.


What's your reason to love Green Vibrance?


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