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Motivated to Mingle: 20 Ways to Socialize & Meet New People this Summer

July is Social Wellness Month, encouraging  people to shake up their usual routines and meet new people. After all, forming connections and building relationships can play a big role in our overall health and happiness. In fact, research has found that social connections can even have a positive impact on one’s physical health — including weight management and decrease in cardiovascular disease.   And what better time than summer to step...

Could Red Marine Algae Help You Suppress Viral Infections?

With a “tripledemic” upon us, this winter has already come to rival some of the worst cold and flu seasons on record. Amid this nasty collision of the flu, COVID-19, and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), many of us are left wondering, what more can we do to stay safe? And as these three major respiratory viruses surge at once, we find ourselves asking, what else can we do to protect...

Finding Fitness that Fits You

Would you like to feel stronger, more energetic, and happier? If so, research indicates that daily exercise may be the key. The physical benefits of regular exercise are well known. Exercise can stimulate weight loss, lower blood pressure levels, and decrease the risk of diabetes, heart disease, several types of cancers, and much more. Yet, the psychological benefits associated with regular physical activity are just as extensive. Exercise can help...