You Are Complex: Allison & Natalie

You Are Complex: Allison & Natalie

Here at Vibrant Health, we believe health is an inside job, unique toyou. After all, you‚re one-of-a-kind and your needs are complex ‚ that‚s why your supplements should be too. To celebrate all of the beautiful complexities of our lives, over the next few months we‚re going to be highlighting individuals in our community ‚ taking a peek into the behind-the-scenes of their work-life, wellness rituals and all the wonderful things that make them who they are. And in honor of the New Year, this month we‚re also discussing goals and intention setting to ring in 2020. We‚re thrilled to kick off the series with three local Connecticut professionals ‚ a Business Startup Strategist, a Yoga Studio Owner, and a Graphic Designer. We hope you enjoy our new series‚and remember, keep being you!

Allison Nelson, 35, Business Startup Strategist

What does health look like for you? Do you have any go-to wellness rituals?

For me, health looks like what is going to make me feel good. Sometimes that's blueberries in my oatmeal, other times it's just downing a bottle of water before I have a cup of coffee so I don't get a headache! One of the rituals I love to involve my family in every day is rolling an essential oil blend down our spines while we are getting ready in the morning, it's an immunity-boosting blend that I totally swear by. I also make sure I wake up before my family does every morning and take care of me.

What‚s your special sauce or something that makes you unique?

I am all about taking action. I don't like to sit and think for too long. I learn by doing, and so I'm always trying new things by actually doing them and teaching my clients to do the same!

How do you balance being a mama bear and a business owner?

Both of these jobs make me feel so grateful every day, and I always say, "I get to do this," which is really where it all starts ‚ gratitude for what you have at this very moment. Beyond that, I do a ton of preparing ahead of time so that when I'm with my daughter, I'm really with her. When I'm working, I know what I need to get done and I can focus way better that way. I will say that there are seasons where one takes more precedence over the other ‚ whether that's a week that my daughter is sick, or a week I'm launching something new, and that it's okay to embrace that season and just take it as it is with a ton of grace and understanding for yourself that it won't always be this way.

What word best describes the way you want to feel in the new year?

Growth is my word for the new year! I want my business to soar, but when I put it in the framework of growth, for me that is trying to take the pressure off how much money it's going to make or how many people I can get interested in it. I want to focus on learning through the experiences I'm going to take the opportunity to have.

What‚s the number one thing you love about your job?

People. I love talking to people and figuring out where their problems lie, how I can get them to pivot from their original thinking and take action towards the life they want. \If I can have at least one conversation with someone new every day, I'm a happy girl!

You help women create the business of their dreams. What‚s one simple tip you want to share with our readers to get started on that path?

You probably already know what simple thing that is: take action! I am a huge fan of working smarter not harder, so I would say that even before you know what product or service you want to offer, really think about who you'd like to work with, and what kinds of problems you like to solve. I saw too many women anguish over going back to work after having a baby and wishing it could be different ‚ and I knew I wanted to help them, before I even really knew what kind of business I wanted to start. I think that knowing who you want to work with and studying that person really well, that will take you way further in your business than anything else.

Natalie Wheeler, 34, Co-Founder of Vasu Studio

What‚s your special sauce or something that makes you unique?

I thrive off connection. It's a huge part of why we opened a wellness studio ‚ to create community. I enjoy getting to know people on a deep level and then connecting them with other people. I love tuning into the energetic bodies of people..and vibing with them on that field.

As we enter the New Year, what are you most grateful for in 2019, and what‚s one thing you look forward to in 2020?

I've made a lot of changes this year in an effort to simplify. My reason for this was to allow me to become more present to the vastness and beauty of the present moment. When we remove the distractions, we can feel what is...the essence of being. Some examples have been weeklong technology fasts, season-long social media pauses, learning about Ayurvedic cooking, and starting a morning meditation practice. As an entrepreneur, it can be challenging to sit in the pause. I'm grateful that this past year has led me to people, healing modalities, mentors, and tools to peel back and step into a deep level of self-awareness and oneness. In 2020, I'm looking forward to basking in this newfound space, Sundays off, and receiving from our business.

What‚s your favorite healthy weeknight meal to prepare for yourself?

This time of year, I am a soup junkie! That's what I really enjoy about Ayurvedic cooking ‚ it‚s seasonal and simple. Whichever soup I end up cooking, I like to add a scoop of hummus and seeds ‚ like pumpkin or sunflower ‚ for a little crunch and creaminess!

What‚s one thing in your ‚wellness toolbox‚ you can‚t live without?

Nag Champa. These incense are a staple in my ritual. When I get home from work after a long day, the first thing I do is light incense. To me, Nag Champa feels like home. It's a wonderful and simple ritual that my body recognizes as "we're home now...we can relax and settle in." I have many other simple rituals such as lighting a candle during morning meditation, using our MoonBeam Dream spray before bed, and burning sage when I clean my apartment. When we incorporate our senses, it turns our routines into beautiful rituals.

What has been the number one lesson you‚ve learned from practicing yoga?

Wow, what a beautiful yet challenging question. I would eventually like to write a book about my lessons from the it's hard to pick one! I also feel that the jewels and guidance I receive from my yoga practice are constantly evolving, changing and building. At this moment, I would say the lesson my practice has been providing me is to LEAN IN. That may be leaning into softness in a restorative pose, leaning into discomfort in a hip opener, leaning into my inner strength in a challenging pose, and leaning into the stillness during savasana. If we learn to do something entirely in a yoga pose, it will set us up for a beautiful and mindful life off the mat.

What does living a vibrant life look like for you?

VIBRANT is one of my words for 2020 so I love this question! It's one of my core-desired feelings. To me, vibrancy looks like glowing skin and healthy hair, a simple life with no attachment to material possessions, a community of movers and shakers, lots of learning and traveling, seasonal eating, baths, dance parties, flowing dresses, being in flow with my intuition and spirit, and overflowing joy and compassion. Thank you for being a part of our community! Want to be featured on our blog? Send an email to