Vibrant At Home: Daily Rituals with Jodi Schneider & Melitta

Vibrant At Home: Daily Rituals with Jodi Schneider & Melitta

Vibrant Companions feature grain-free products with human grade ingredients made in the United States. When applicable, the products will be flavoredusing ingredients such as powdered beef liver to appeal to the taste buds of pets. No artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or common allergens will be added to our products ever. As with
anything that comes from Vibrant Health, quality and respect for the end consumer are at the heart of our products. Ou in-house health coach, Jodi Schneider, and her vibrant companion, Melitta, integrate both Pet Digestive Greens and Pet Joint + Hip formulas into their daily routine (and Melitta couldn't be happier). Watch the video below for more info on how you can develop a routine with your pet that focuses on whole body wellness:

Meet Jodi Schneider, our in-house Vibrant Health Coach

"I began working in a wellness center and discovered Vibrant Health products. I was impressed with how complete the formulas were and the brand's integrity by disclosing all the ingredients on the label. It helped me help others as to whether this product would work for their unique biochemistry. I also found it much easier for people to take one product instead of buying several products. I know for sure if it is too complicated, people do not stick to it, and if it is too expensive, they may not be able to continue. I became a Health coach because I have learned from experience that if we do not have our health, it is challenging not only to enjoy life, but it also inhibits us from fulfilling everything we want to do in this lifetime. Good health is everything! I tried to encourage and enlighten people to care about the vehicle that is making it possible to do everything they do every day! After all, I believe healthier people are happier people, which makes the world a better place to live." - Jodi

Meet Melitta, Jodi's vibrant companion

Melitta is a rescue off the streets of Puerto Rico. She was rescued only months before the deadly category five hurricanes in 2017. A group of teenagers from N.H. went on their yearly rescue mission. There was a limited number of pets they could bring back. When they had their quota of animals, they began to drive away when Melitta, who was not much more significant than someone's hand, came strolling out in front of the van. They could not bear to leave her. I am glad they did not because I had wished for a small dog to be my new

companion, to help bring a smile back to my face! Now Melitta receives plenty of love, and occasionally has modeling gigs for Vibrant

Health! Anything is possible‚