Mango Mint Smoothie

Mango Mint Smoothie


By: Katie Myers, founder of


This smoothie is sweet, green and minty - super refreshing! I love it with a scoop of Green Vibrance. It's a delicious way to brighten any part of your day.


-1 frozen or fresh banana


-1C frozen mango


-1/2C frozen or fresh spinach


-juice of 1 lime -a few leaves of fresh mint


-2 medjool dates, pitted


-1/2C your favorite milk (I like oat, almond and coconut)


-1tsp turmeric powder


-1 scoop Green Vibrance


-Water and ice to taste, depending on your preferred smoothie-thickness (I usually add 8oz of water and a few ice cubes)


Add ingredients to a blender, blend on high for one minute. Pause to check your smoothie: is the texture the way you like it? If needed, add water (to thin) or ice (to thicken) and blend again. Pour into large cup or two cups to share. Makes about 40oz. To make it into a smoothie bowl, pour into a bowl and top with your preferred superfoods: Bee pollen, coconut yogurt, chia seeds, hemp hearts and granola make great toppings for this smoothie.