Kiwi Kale Sunrise

Kiwi Kale Sunrise

Something about kiwi and pineapple brings us right back to summer and we could all use some warm thoughts right now. Monique Sourinho developed this recipe to give us equal parts nutritional complexity and delicious taste. Whether you start your day with this tasty green smoothie, or use it as a 2 PM pick me up, you'll appreciate the energy boost from our Matcha combined with the full body benefits Green Vibrance provides.



- 3 kiwis - 1.5 cups kale - 1 scoop Green Vibrance Matcha Tea - 2 tablespoons Flax seeds - 2 cups frozen pineapple - 4 cups water



Combine all ingredients in a blender, blend to desired consistency, pour into your favorite glass, top with a slice of kiwi & enjoy! Want to try this recipe yourself? Click the link below to shop our Green Vibrance Matcha Tea flavor.