Hot Black-Owned Wellness Businesses Making Waves in 2023

Hot Black-Owned Wellness Businesses Making Waves in 2023

From hair wraps to wellness platforms,  

these hot black-owned brands are ones to watch  

A photo of Ted and Paige Parker


At Vibrant Health, we are part of the growing community of black-owned businesses that are inspiring vibrant creativity, innovation, and wellness around the world. Our company, proudly owned and operated by Ted and Paige Parker, stands as a beacon of what perseverance and determination can achieve. In 2020, Black people represented 14.2% of all Americans but only 2.4% of all employer-firm owners. This gap emphasizes the strength and resilience required to navigate the business landscape as a Black entrepreneur. Businesses like ours have become the answer to real questions consumers are facing and have overcome so much to get to where they are today. Below are some of the top black-owned wellness businesses, including Vibrant Health, making waves in today’s world. Dive in with us and give them a follow!


1. @Gymwrap 

Ladies, has your hair been an excuse to avoid getting to the gym? Look no further than Gym Wrap. This unique sweatband wicks away moisture and keeps you cool and collected through tough workouts and busy days! Designed by dynamic actress and producer Nicole Parker, these headbands were created for all hair types, textures, and lengths and can be worn on both men and women. Gym Wrap has been featured on E-news, Shape, and CNN. This is one workout headband you do not want to miss! Available online through their site as well as many REI retailers.  

Gym Wrap Link 


2. @TheHoneyPotCo 

With plant-derived ingredients and no parabens, Honey Pot is a unique brand designed by women and for women. Their line of natural products is designed to care for and support vaginal wellness from a soothing lavender cream to probiotics all the way to organic cotton pads. Founded by Beatrice Dixon, this black-owned brand brings female empowerment and self-care to a new level with soothing, natural ingredients you can feel good about using. Available at Target, Walgreens, CVS, and directly through their website. 


Honey Pot Website   


3. @Farmacyforlife  

From legendary New York rapper Styles P and his wife Adjua comes Hip Hop’s first online health store and wellness brand. Using organic and natural healing products, Farmacy for Life promotes a healthier lifestyle through its unique supplements, oils, and more. This brand includes everything from Elderberry + Zinc capsules to power up the immune system to its special DREAMZ sleep supplement with Magnesium, Valerian Root, and Hops. With sleek black and gold packaging and a unique selection of natural supplements, this is a business to keep your eye on. Farmacy for Life products are available through their website. 

Farmacy for Life Link 


4. @Ouithepeople 

Founder and CEO Karen Young is taking luxury skin and body care to new heights with brand Oui the People. Their mission? Challenge the current standard of beauty and introduce a fresh authentic beauty to the world no matter someone’s age, gender, race, or body type. Formulated for those with sensitive skin, Oui offers luxurious products such as their Rose Gold Sensitive Skin Razor and their popular Melting Body Balm made with plant-based retinol. Oui the People products can be purchased through their website. 

Oui the People link 


5. @Donnasrecipe  

Donna’s Recipe is a luxurious vegan hair care line designed to help you create a consistent hair routine for thicker, healthier, and happier hair. Founded by Tabitha Brown and Gina Woods, Donna’s Recipe was proudly named Ulta’s Black Owned Brand of the Year in 2023. Founder Tabitha Brown first rose to fame social media and has since gone on to become a 2 x New York Times best-selling author, vegan chef, and dynamic business owner.  Brown has also crafted multiple successful collections with Tabitha for Target comprised of vegan food, colorful cookware, kitchen, and entertaining items.  

Donna's Recipe Link 



6. @BlackGirlSunscreen 

Meet the dynamic viral sunscreen brand that caters to women of color. Founded by Shontay Lundy, Black Girl Sunscreen was created to solve one of the #1 reasons black women were not wearing sunscreen – the white cast it left behind! Recently the brand released a special limited-edition collection to celebrate the launch of The Little Mermaid with Disney. BGS helps replenish needed moisture while protecting skin so women of color can look and feel their very best in the sun! 

Black Girl Sunscreen Link  



7. @Blkandgrn 

Blk + Grn is the #1 online marketplace for non-toxic wellness items powered exclusively by black women. Started in 2018 by Dr. Kristen Edwards with a simple mission: normalize access to non-toxic products for women of color while elevating and funding black, women-owned businesses who create the products. Blk + green seeks to empower black women to make educated and conscious buying decisions so they can feel their most confident selves in the process.   

Blk and Green Link 


8. @Hey.homebody

Looking for a luxurious spa-like experience at home that won’t break the bank? Homebody bath soaks contains a nourishing mix of CBD, powerful antioxidants, and superfoods with hand-crafted bath soaks for stress, sleep, pain, and mood. When founder Rebecca Grammer-Ybarra was burnt out on life and experienced a bad car accident, she began researching holistic plant remedies to relieve the pain she was feeling. As she began experimenting with different mixtures, she began to see changes in how she felt and her pain levels, giving birth to a new dream. Find Homebody at Ulta, Nordstrom, Revolve, as well as other online wellness boutiques for a serene experience right at home. 

Homebody Link 


9. @Drinkflyest  

Coffee leaving you jittery and causing your energy to tank? It might be time to bring in the tea. Started by trailblazer Shenae Jones, Flyest is an herbalist-owned tea brand bringing the best of African holistic health remedies to the public with a side of hip-hop flare. These teas require a strainer but their site has you covered with in-cup tea infusers available to purchase. With a blend of chicory root, cinnamon, and vanilla, their “Not Coffee” blend may give you the coffee vibes you’re wanting…without the caffeine jitters. Flyest tea and honey is available through their website.  



10. @Bevel

Bevel is a dynamic premium grooming brand that seeks to serve an untapped niche: black men with coarse and textured hair. Founded by Tristian Walker, Bevel is the first head to toe grooming brand carrying skin, body, shave, and hair products that reduce irritation and leave the skin feeling moisturized and protected. Black Enterprise magazine featured Tristian Walker as one of the cover stars for his entrepreneurial work in 2016. While initially created with men in mind, products such as the Bevel razor can also be used for women for comfortable leg shaving with a pleasant neutral scent both men and women can enjoy. You can currently find Bevel products sold at Target, Walmart, CVS, Sally Beauty, as well as directly through their website.

Bevel Website


 On The Rise

The rise of black-owned businesses in the wellness sector represents a new era of innovation and diversity, challenging the status quo and carving out spaces that reflect a broad range of consumer experiences and needs. These ten black-owned wellness brands, among many others, are taking their industries by storm, providing solutions that are not only effective, but are also culturally inclusive and sensitive.

From Nicole Parker's Gym Wrap helping to remove barriers to exercise for people of all hair types, to Bevel's grooming products tailored specifically for black men, these brands represent the power of diversity in entrepreneurship. They are pushing the boundaries of innovation, creating products that resonate with a wide range of consumers, and fostering an atmosphere of inclusivity.

Their success stories are not only a testament to their hard work and creativity, but also an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs from underrepresented groups. As we look ahead, we are optimistic that we will continue to see more black-owned businesses flourish across all sectors. As consumers, let's play our part in supporting and championing these brands, helping to foster a more diverse, inclusive, and vibrant wellness industry.