Chocolate Banana Smoothie Shooters

Chocolate Banana Smoothie Shooters

We are huge advocates for having chocolate at all times of the day. These smoothie shooters by Monique Sourinho are perfectly sized to share (or not!) and provide just the right amount of sweetness to start (or end) your day. Find the recipe below.


  1. 2 tablespoons peanut powder
  2. 3 cups coconut yogurt (or any vegan substitute)
  3. 2 bananas (setting a few slices aside to garnish)
  4. 1 scoop Green Vibrance Chocolate Coconut

Optional Garnish:

Vegan Chocolate Syrup and cacao nibs


1. In a blender combine peanut powder, coconut yogurt, and bananas until smooth.

2. Transfer half of the mixture into a separate bowl.

3. Return to the blender and add the Green Vibrance Chocolate Coconut. Blend until consistent.

4. Amongst three small glasses, drizzle the insides with the syrup, then divide the Chocolate mixture evenly among the three.

5. Return the first mixture bowl. Carefully layer that on top so it is half chocolate banana, half banana.

6. Garnish with banana slices and cacao nibs. Share and enjoy!


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