5 Creative Ways to Experiment with Avocado this Summer

5 Creative Ways to Experiment with Avocado this Summer



Avocados have gotten a lot of attention over the past few years ‚ making their way into everything from beauty products to your morning toast. They‚ve even been the star of Internet memes for being ‚extra‚ (and for good reason). There‚s no doubt about it: this delicious green fruit is loved by the masses. In honor of National Avocado Day July 31st, we wanted to take some time to celebrate one of our favorite superfoods.


This week on the Vibrant Health Blog, we‚re sharing five creative ways you can experiment with avocados this summer!


Try it Out: 5 Fun Ways to Enjoy Avocados this Summer


Try This: Add Avocado To Your Summer Smoothie Bowl


Due to their rich, creamy texture and impressive nutritional profile, avocados make for the perfect base for your smoothies and smoothie bowls! Give it a whirl with this Avocado Spinach Banana Bowl, starring our Green Vibrance Chocolate Coconut plant-based superfood powder.


Try This: Give Yourself an At-Home Avocado Facial


For years you‚ve enjoyed avocados in your favorite guac recipe, but have you ever thought about using them on your face? That‚s right; avocados are a best kept beauty secret due to their antioxidants and natural hydrating oils! And research has shown topical application of avocado oil is especially soothing for dry, chapped skin.


Give yourself a luxurious at-home spa day with this Honey-Avocado Face Mask made with just three common household ingredients!


Try This: DIY Hydrating Avocado Hair Mask


Between pool days and fun and the sun, you‚ll want to be extra careful to protect your skin and hair this season. Keep your locks glowing with this DIY Deep Conditioning Hair Mask featuring, you guessed it, the avocado. Shiny, swoonworthy summer hair coming right up!


Try This: Jazz Up Your Avo Toast


Whether you‚ve tried avocado toast or not, it‚s about time you take your avo toast game to the next level. Jazz up your favorite morning breakfast by slathering your toast with avocado and a drizzle of lemon juice, olive oil, sea salt and red pepper flakes. Feel free to top your toast with a fried egg or fresh summer veggies like arugula, sprouts or radishes.


Try This: Make a Healthy Ice Cream Alternative


The sunshine and hot summer weather has you craving all your favorite cool treats ‚ and ice cream is at the top of your list. Shake up your usual ice cream night by making your own healthy alternative at home! This vegan Avocado Ice Cream is made with just six ingredients, including mint for a refreshing summer treat.


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