Joint Vibrance
Joint Vibrance
Joint Vibrance
Joint Vibrance
Joint Vibrance
Joint Vibrance
Joint Vibrance Joint Vibrance Joint Vibrance Joint Vibrance Joint Vibrance Joint Vibrance
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Joint Vibrance

Next-level support for your joints.
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Nutritional Benefits

Your next-level support for joint health. Our expertly crafted formula is designed for those who prioritize the well-being of their joints, bones, and cartilage. Fortified with antioxidants, Joint Vibrance aims to complement your active lifestyle, paving the way for smoother daily movements.*

What’s Inside
  • Contains 10,600 mg of collagen per serving*
  • Formulated to support joint health*
  • Ingredients traditionally used to support cartilage health*
  • Includes antioxidants that are believed to support joint health*

For Best Results

  • When to Take: Night
  • How to Take: Mix with 4-8 oz. of water
  • How Much to Take: 1 scoop
Our Standards
  • Comprehensive Formulas
  • Effective Potencies
  • High-Quality Ingredients
  • Continually Refined
  • Science-Backed
  • Clinically Formulated
  • No Proprietary Blends

Get Back to Movement

  • Bone Health

    Encourages joint flexibility and strong bones.

  • Skin, Hair, and Nail Support

    Promotes a vibrant appearance from within.

  • Cartilage Repair

    Assists in boosting joint mobility.

Ingredient Spotlight

Sourced from Brazil, Argentina, & United States
Collagen is used by some people to support joint and bone health. Type 1 collagen has been popularly associated with skin and gastrointestinal well-being.
Glucosamine is a component involved in the formation of joint cartilage. Some people take it to support joint health.
Hyaluronic Acid
Hyaluronic Acid
Hyaluronic acid helps support hydration in cartilage. Some individuals use it for joint comfort.
Curcumin, an extract of turmeric root, has antioxidant properties. It may support a healthy inflammatory response and joint comfort.

Why Are We Different?

Comprehensive Formulas at Effective Potencies

Our products contain the finest ingredients that work synergistically with your body. Each hand-sourced ingredient is intentionally selected and serves a valuable purpose.

No Proprietary Blends

Proprietary blends can be inconsistent from batch to batch, making a product less reliable and effective. That’s why you’ll never find them in our products.

Dynamic by Design™

We continually refine our products. Each time we improve a formula, we update the version number on its front label for you to see. Our pursuit of perfection never ceases.

Science-Backed and Clinically Formulated

Our nutritional supplements are rooted in state-of-the-art science. They’re clinically formulated at therapeutic doses, for maximum potency and efficacy.



How can I mix Joint Vibrance?

Because of the density of the formula, the product does not blend easily. Here are some recommendations for successful mixing:

  1. Mix or shake with your beverage of choice (we recommend juice or water) and d
  2. Mix in 6-8 ounces of hot water and drink as a tea.
  3. Add a scoop to two or more ounces of warm or hot water (to dissolve) and then add your choice of cold liquid.
  4. Add it to lemonade, grapefruit, grape juice, vegetable juice, apple juice, or apple cider (with a dash of cinnamon).*
How often should I take Joint Vibrance?

It is important that Joint Vibrance is taken daily. As part of a therapeutic regimen, Joint Vibrance can be used up to twice a day.*

Can I take Joint Vibrance if I am allergic to shellfish?

Yes, our Joint Vibrance formula is free from shellfish.*