Cholesterol Vibrance
Cholesterol Vibrance
Cholesterol Vibrance
Cholesterol Vibrance
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Cholesterol Vibrance

Complement your cardiovascular health.
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Nutritional Benefits

Phytosterols are plant-derived compounds. Some research suggests that they might interfere with the absorption of dietary cholesterol when taken with food. Each Cholesterol Vibrance tablet contains 500mg of phytosterols. It's designed as a delightful heart-shaped chewable. It's easy to incorporate into your routine; consider taking one with a meal. To top it off, it boasts a delicious vanilla flavor.

What’s Inside
  • Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels*
  • Formulated for cardiovascular support*

For Best Results

  • When to Take: Anytime of day
  • How to Take: With food
  • How Much to Take: 1 chewable
Our Standards
  • Comprehensive Formulas
  • Effective Potencies
  • High-Quality Ingredients
  • Continually Refined
  • Science-Backed
  • Clinically Formulated
  • No Proprietary Blends

Take Control Of Your Cholesterol

  • Cholesterol Management

    Promotes balanced cholesterol levels and heart health.

  • Heart Health

    Promotes robust cardiovascular wellness.

  • Brain Health

    Promotes cognitive function and mental clarity.

Ingredient Spotlight

Why Are We Different?

Comprehensive Formulas at Effective Potencies

Our products contain the finest ingredients that work synergistically with your body. Each hand-sourced ingredient is intentionally selected and serves a valuable purpose.

No Proprietary Blends

Proprietary blends can be inconsistent from batch to batch, making a product less reliable and effective. That’s why you’ll never find them in our products.

Dynamic by Design™

We continually refine our products. Each time we improve a formula, we update the version number on its front label for you to see. Our pursuit of perfection never ceases.

Science-Backed and Clinically Formulated

Our nutritional supplements are rooted in state-of-the-art science. They’re clinically formulated at therapeutic doses, for maximum potency and efficacy.



What does Cholesterol Vibrance do?

Cholesterol Vibrance by Vibrant Health is formulated to support healthy cholesterol levels.* It also contains ingredients that may support prostate and immune function.*

How often can I take Cholesterol Blocker?

Cholesterol Vibrance can be taken throughout the day. There is no limit in how many you can take in a day. If you know you will be eating a meal that contains cholesterol, you can take one to two chewable tablets immediately before your first bite. Cholesterol Vibrance can also be taken in between meals to help absorb cholesterol
in the gut.*

Can anyone take Cholesterol Vibrance?

Cholesterol Vibrance is formulated for adult use. If considering its use for children or if you have any medical concerns, please consult with your primary care physician or pediatrician before starting any new supplement regimen.*