What makes Vibrant Health’s superfoods and other supplements different?

Our products are clean, comprehensive, and convenient.

Mark Timon founded Vibrant Health in 1992 to formulate products that are efficacious, pure, and sourced with the utmost care. We hold true to that to this day, bringing to market the most comprehensive formulas available. All you have to do is ask our loyal fans, and they’ll tell you we’re on to something.

Our formulas are so comprehensive that you save money with every purchase, compared to the cost of buying the same ingredients individually.

Why do you change your formulas so often? What’s different about the latest version?

No great work is ever truly finished. We take the same approach with our products.

Like any science, we know that our understanding of nutritional science can change as new studies are conducted. We rely on the experience and expertise of our formulator to stay informed about new findings, know what studies we can trust, and what customer needs are important for our product development. Within the framework of this process, we are always ready to revise and update our products to best meet the needs of those who take our products.

When we make an update, such as adding a new ingredient, we increase the version number – just like a phone gets a new version number when the technology has advanced.

Why are your supplement facts so long?

We tell you exactly what’s inside every product, and when our products have 70+ ingredients (like Green Vibrance) or 100+ ingredients (like Maximum Vibrance), that list can get pretty long. We believe you have the right to know what you’re consuming. That’s more important to us than protecting the exact recipe of our formulas.

Where do your ingredients come from?

We carefully source each ingredient that goes into our products. They come from many different sources, but we keep careful records and maintain the ability to tell you the history, processing, and origin of each one. If you need more information about the source of any ingredient in particular, reach out to our Customer Service team at mail@vibranthealth.com.

Are your ingredients organic?

We design, manufacture, and market the cleanest possible products, and we endeavor to have organic certification whenever possible. However, there are many ingredients that are beneficial to the human body which are unable to be sourced organically. Whether an ingredient is organic or conventional, we take utmost care to source raw materials that have been cleaned and filtered for maximum purity.

Can I give your products to my dog or cat?

We created Vibrant Companions, our product line for pets, when it became clear that our products could be beneficial to the four-legged members of our family as well. The catch, however, was that our products were formulated with human taste buds in mind. Today, Vibrant Companions boasts three products targeting common pet ailments, based on the original formulas and enhanced for our pets’ unique taste preferences.

You have a lot of interesting products. Where should I start?

Many of our customers enjoy starting with Green Vibrance. It is formulated to be the get-you-right-on-the-inside supplement, supporting every cell in the body and giving you natural energy to power through the day. If you’re less familiar with green superfood powders, we recommend starting with our Vibrance line.

I’m already taking Green Vibrance. Can I take Maximum Vibrance as well?

Due to the nutrient density of each product, if you were to take both products in the same sitting, it is unlikely your body would be able to make use of the nutrient load. If you want to take both products daily, we recommend taking one in the morning and the other in the evening.

Other products can safely be used in combination as well. For recommendations, reach out to our Customer Service team at mail@vibranthealth.com.

Are your products allergen free?

All of our products are gluten free. For other allergen considerations, please refer to each product detail page specifically or reach out to our Customer Service team at mail@vibranthealth.com.

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