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Supports optimal bone health.
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Nutritional Benefits

Boron is a micronutrient that contributes to various functions in the body: It supports bone health, plays a role in wound healing, and supports the utilization of certain hormones. It also has antioxidant properties.*

What’s Inside
  • May help support bone and joint health*
  • May contribute to the integrity of connective tissue*
  • May play a role in hormone balance*

For Best Results

  • When to Take: Night
  • How to Take: With food
  • How Much to Take: 2 capsules
Our Standards
  • Comprehensive Formulas
  • Effective Potencies
  • High-Quality Ingredients
  • Continually Refined
  • Science-Backed
  • Clinically Formulated
  • No Proprietary Blends

Strong Inside,
Strong Outside

  • Bone Health

    Encourages joint flexibility and strong bones.

  • Hormonal Balance

    Supports regulation and proper functioning of hormones.

  • Brain Health

    Promotes cognitive function and mental clarity.

Ingredient Spotlight

Why Are We Different?

Comprehensive Formulas at Effective Potencies

Our products contain the finest ingredients that work synergistically with your body. Each hand-sourced ingredient is intentionally selected and serves a valuable purpose.

No Proprietary Blends

Proprietary blends can be inconsistent from batch to batch, making a product less reliable and effective. That’s why you’ll never find them in our products.

Dynamic by Design™

We continually refine our products. Each time we improve a formula, we update the version number on its front label for you to see. Our pursuit of perfection never ceases.

Science-Backed and Clinically Formulated

Our nutritional supplements are rooted in state-of-the-art science. They’re clinically formulated at therapeutic doses, for maximum potency and efficacy.



What is boron good for?

Boron is a trace mineral that the body does not store for extended periods, so it needs to be consumed through diet or supplements. Some studies have suggested a relationship between boron levels in the soil and the prevalence of osteoarthritis; however, more research is needed to confirm these findings.*

Who might benefit from taking Boron?

People, including athletes, may consider boron as part of their dietary routine. Some studies suggest that boron might play a role in supporting the metabolism of certain vitamins and hormones.*

Is Boron plant-based?

Our Boron is from calcium fructoborate, which is chemically similar to boron found naturally in plants.*