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Boron: The Whole-Body Balance Mineral

Boron from calcium fructoborate (or CFB) is one of the most important nutrients, and it’s not as ubiquitous on store shelves as you would think. In fact, only a few nutritional supplement companies offer it.

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How Good is Spirulina? Better Than You Imagined

Spirulina is, for the uninitiated, one of the many blue-green cyanobacteria or micro-algae found around the world, growing in alkaline ponds and lakes and saline basins of coastal regions. It is an ancient life form that has developed some incredible nutritional strength and defenses that have protected it for millions of years.

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Intermittent Fasting: An ancient adaptation adapted to modern times

Chop breakfast in half with a hatchet (the word, not the plate in front of you) and you get “break” and “fast.” The first meal of the day breaks the fast you have been on since eating your last meal of the day before.

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