3-Day Vibrant Cleanse Challenge

For 3 days, take the #vibrantchallenge! Are you ready to reboot your body and jumpstart some amazing habits? Join us on our 3-day Vibrant Cleanse journey.

Vibrant Cleanse is the classic lemonade diet in powder form: it’s more affordable, completely organic, and vegan certified. And did we mention, convenient? Starting on June 9th, fans, friends and teammates at Vibrant Health will take on the Vibrant Cleanse Challenge, a 3-day detox. We’ll only consume Vibrant Cleanse, water, and herbal tea. The ingredients provide ample nutrients during the cleanse, and you can drink as much of it as you want. (If you are diabetic, we do not recommend trying this challenge.)

Everyone who signs up will receive a coupon code to save on your Vibrant Cleanse purchase. (We recommend the 24 serving container for a 3-day cleanse.) The first 100 customers to use the code will also receive a free shaker bottle and three samples of Field of Greens to help you off your cleanse! 

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