The Importance of Colorful and Vibrant Foods and How They Benefit Your Overall Health

Bland, boring, and processed. These are not words anyone would like to hear about their life or diet. Unfortunately, it is all too common to find long lists of unpronounceable ingredients in food on the market today. Fast food has become the norm for many as we get farther and farther from a diet aligned with nature. 

While consuming fresh fruits and vegetables is best, there are various excellent, affordable options on the go. Spectrum Vibrance is a nutrient-dense formula that provides a massive punch of antioxidants and Phyto-nutrients. One serving provides 4.5 servings of fruits and vegetables from nearly 40 fruits and vegetables. Place one scoop of Spectrum Vibrance into 4-8 oz of water or your favorite juice and mix. 

Below are some of the rich benefits of food by color:


Want a rich, satisfying snack? Try biting into a juicy strawberry. Strawberries are rich in fiber, vitamin C, potassium, and antioxidants, along with other red foods. With only 8 grams of sugar in eight medium-sized strawberries, this snack is sure to satisfy those late-night sugar cravings. Other foods on the red spectrum include tomatoes and red bell peppers. 


Oranges and mangoes are sweet, nourishing fruits rich in fiber and full of antioxidants. One of the essential nutrients associated with orange-fleshed fruits is beta-carotene. This nutrient converts to vitamin A, which boosts skin and eye cell growth. Consuming three daily servings of juicy orange fruits and orange vegetables has visibly improved skin’s appearance over time. Other orange foods include sweet potatoes and cantaloupe.


Pineapple might be more than a unique pizza topper. A great source of bromelain, pineapple aids in digestion by breaking down undigested food in the stomach. Other yellow citrus fruits such as lemons and passion fruit have been found to assist the digestive tract by making it more acidic and supporting a more balanced gut environment. Popping a lemon wedge into ice water is a refreshing way to infuse any diet with an extra dose of vitamin C.


Dark green, leafy vegetables have an array of health benefits. These are a diet staple from a high fiber content that keeps the body full to help prevent a myriad of inflammatory diseases. In addition, with a high antioxidant count, leafy green vegetables such as kale or spinach maybe some of the best cancer-fighting foods on the market. Mixing up a simple kale salad, lemon juice, nuts, and parmesan is a tasty way to get those greens in for lunch or dinner with the whole family.

While fast food may be more convenient, planning to cook and prepare healthy foods has a significant payoff in the long run. Consuming a colorful diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables is one way to enrich any diet with an array of health benefits and give the body what it craves to thrive truly. Life is better when it is lived in color!

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