The Importance of Stretching for Muscle Recovery

Feeling in the dark about when and how to stretch? It’s not uncommon. Maybe the new year fitness routine has been nailed down but the warm-up and cooldown remain a question mark. Read on for why adding stretching and the right targeted products is vital for optimal muscle recovery & strength.

 As the body ages, it can begin to lose critical range of motion and mobility. Mobility is defined as “the ability to move or be moved freely and easily”. Decreased mobility or range of motion means less of an ability to move, extend, and bend areas of the body such as the knee or shoulder. This can make working out and even daily tasks quite a headache. Yikes! The answer? Being proactive in choosing the right types of stretches and incorporating key products for muscle recovery. 

Depending on the specific sport or activity, there are specific stretches that can be implemented to improve performance. The two main types of stretches to do before and after a workout are dynamic and static stretches.

Dynamic stretching: This movement-based stretching involves getting the body warmed up while also stretching out the muscles. It is recommended to do dynamic stretches at the outset of the workout to decrease any stiffness in the body and increase blood flow to soft tissues. Dynamic stretching can improve sports performance and assist the body in preventing injuries. While commonly done at the beginning of a workout it can be incorporated at the end as well.

Examples: Lunging with a Twist, High Kicks, Walking Lunges, push-ups


Static stretching: This type of stretching involves either standing, sitting, or lying still while holding a stationary stretch position for a period of time such as 30-60 seconds without any bouncing or rapid movements. Static stretching can help improve overall flexibility, lengthen muscle tissue, and reduce muscle and joint pain. Typically, it is recommended to do this at the end of the workout as part of a cool down so the muscles recover faster and have less joint pain or stiffness. 

Examples: Simple Hamstring Stretch, Downward Dog, Standing Shin Stretch

Along with stretching, there are targeted products designed to enhance any routine and aid in recovery. Joint Vibrance, a comprehensive joint health support product, boasts nearly 10,600 mg of Collagen. Supplemental collagen helps restore key cartilage production in the body which tends to decline as we age. This formula not only aids in rebuilding cartilage but also provides antioxidants and pain management for sore joints. Simply mix the powdered formula into a beverage such as juice or water and nourish those worn-out joints.

Don’t remain in the dark. Stretching is key to remaining limber and youthful far beyond any warm-up or cooldown. While there is some variation in the types of stretches needed based on the activity, simply adding 5-10 minutes at the beginning and end of a workout can help protect the body from injury and unnecessary aches and pains. By supplementing a balanced routine with stretching and Joint Vibrance, muscles and joints can experience that needed replenishment to thrive amid a busy lifestyle.

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