Spring Cleansing Smoothie Bowl

Spring is around the corner and it’s time to start cleansing! “Spring cleansing means detoxifying your body,” says Dr. Linda Page, naturopathic doctor and author of the book, Detoxification. The human body releases toxins during the detoxification process also abbreviated as detox. “Anybody can benefit from a cleansing. The body is coming out of what might be called hibernation,” says Dr. Page. During the winter months our bodies can be subject to stress such as weight gain from moving around less, eating unhealthy treats during holidays, and seeping more. Viruses like the cold or flu and the antibiotics that help fight them can also add toxins. Plus, not breathing as much fresh air because we’re inside more often also adds to a much needed cleansing period. Dr. Page suggests, “It’s a way to recharge, rejuvenate, and renew.”

After reading Dr. Page’s work, I created an easy and delicious smoothie bowl that will aid my body in cleansing the unwanted winter buildup. Liver health is crucial for allowing  the human body to cleanse itself naturally. So, I started with coconut milk because it’s anti-inflammatory. Dairy, on the other hand, causes inflammation and would not aid in detoxification. Next, I chose blueberries because of the high concentration of antioxidants that help the liver detoxify. Lemon is also a vital asset in aiding the liver and gallbladder by reducing harmful bacteria. “Additionally, lemon helps the liver produce the necessary enzymes to maintain an alkaline condition in the body,” says Dr. Edward Group.

Vibrant Health’s Green Vibrance is also an essential ingredient for cleansing and maintaining our internal digestive system. Green Vibrance is a dynamic formula that has 25 billion probiotics and concentrated nutrition. I decided to not add a green vegetable to this smoothie because Green Vibrance already has that covered with 4 servings of fruits and vegetables. Plus, Green Vibrance supports the liver with beets, broccoli, green beans, zucchini, parsley, spinach, and so many more organic whole food ingredients. Green Vibrance already has spirulina, flax seed, and goji berry but, for the sake of this being a super cleansing smoothie I added more of those ingredients to make this smoothie bowl unmatched.

Spirulina is an amazing blue-green algae, that’s why it’s in Green Vibrance. Spirulina contains chlorophyll which is used for detoxification. It helps remove toxins, pollutants, and heavy metals from the blood.  Flax seeds are golden and are best absorbed when they are ground or milled. Like chia seeds, flax seeds have soluble fiber and get the digestive tract cleansed. Last, but not least, my favorite little berry, goji. I love goji berries because they are the highest known source of antioxidants. They support the liver and kidneys which are essential for detox. Goji berries are so strong they’re technically classified as a medicinal herb and if you are taking medication for diabetes, blood pressure, or any blood thinning medication you should always check with your doctor before consuming goji berries. Goji berries make a great topping for smoothie bowls.

All the ingredients in this smoothie are optional and please always use your own discretion on what to eat. The best part about making your own food is you’re the chef and you have complete control. Always keep in mind, “A spring cleanse is actually a very light diet. It focuses on digestion, elimination of accumulated wastes, and improving body functions,” says Dr. Page. This smoothie bowl is a light meal that you can enjoy for a cleanse or a clean meal to give your body a rest from heavier winter food.

Spring Cleansing Smoothie Bowl


  • 1 cup coconut milk
  • 2 cups frozen blueberries
  • 1/2 lemon
  • 1 scoop Vibrant Health Green Vibrance Powder
  • 1 tsp spirulina powder


  • 1 Tbsp chia seeds
  • 2 Tbsp milled flax seed
  • 1 Tbsp goji berries


  1. Squeeze half a lemon into a cup and remove all seeds.
  2. Add lemon juice, coconut milk, frozen blueberries, Green Vibrance, and spirulina to blender.
  3. Blend on medium speed. When the smoothie is blended well, pour into a bowl. Add toppings.

If you would like to use the remaining smoothie left behind after you pour, add 1/2 cup of coconut milk to the blender. Put lid on and blend on medium speed again. Blend until the coconut milk and remaining smoothie are mixed together. Pour the smoothie mixture into the smoothie bowl and mix. Now, mix the 1 scoop of Green Vibrance Powder and the spirulina into smoothie bowl. These powders will mix in easily with a kitchen spoon. Next, add the toppings you choose to use and enjoy your smoothie bowl!

About the Author:
Andrea creates vegan superfood recipes inspired by nature and posted on her blog superchargedsmoothies.com. She loves wildlife and spends her leisure time outside hiking and camping. She enjoys being a yogi, growing organic produce, and is passionate about eating and living a healthy lifestyle. Andrea is in love with Vibrant Health’s Green Vibrance. She uses it in her vegan superfood smoothies because it has the daily greens needed for optimum health. 

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