The Proprietary-Blend Loophole

These days, it’s common for protein, greens, and mushroom superfood powders to contain proprietary blends. Take a look at some of their back labels, and you may find that certain ingredients are listed as part of a “Collagen Beauty Complex,” an “Organic Mushroom Blend,” or a “Detox Support Matrix.” In spite of their interesting names, these are all examples of proprietary blends. Proprietary blends are often set apart on ingredient labels. While all the ingredients in a proprietary blend must be listed, no information about the quantities of these ingredients needs to be provided.


You’ve seen companies promote products that supposedly provide unique benefits, thanks to their special proprietary blends. Unfortunately, in the supplement industry, such claims may be disingenuous. By using proprietary blends, supplement companies are allowed to conceal their ingredient quantities. Some companies primarily use proprietary blends to take advantage of this, rather than to protect innovative formulas.

Why hide ingredient quantities? There’s a lot to gain from this deceptive manufacturing practice. It allows companies to use a higher proportion of less expensive ingredients, or fillers, without disclosing it. It enables them to promote products by highlighting their most expensive ingredients, even if they contain very little of them. It also gives companies the ability to change the ratios of ingredients in their products, for any reason, without having to update their labels. This makes it impossible to determine the potency or efficacy of their products.



 Supplements with proprietary blends may:

Be heavy on fillers. The least expensive ingredients in a proprietary blend might make up the vast majority of it. 

Be ineffective. Why? They may not contain clinically effective doses of their active ingredients. Expensive active ingredients may be diluted.

Cost more than they’re worth. They may cost a premium price, even if they contain little of the premium ingredients they advertise.

Change without notice. Proprietary blends allow manufacturers to change their formulas without updating their product labels.


Full-Disclosure Labels

 Our supplements are clinically formulated, at therapeutic doses, for maximum potency and efficacy. We’re proud of these products, and we want everyone to know exactly what goes into each one. That’s why we use full-disclosure labels. Look at the ingredient list on the back label of any of our products. You’ll see that our full-disclosure labels clearly list every ingredient and specify the exact ingredient ratios we use.

Our full-disclosure labels guarantee that… 

  • We’re fully transparent about what’s in our products.
  • We clearly list every single ingredient we use.
  • We list the exact amount of each ingredient we use.
  • There are never any fillers in our products.


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