Vibrant Health® to Launch New Version of Award-Winning Daily Supplement, Trilogy

Shelton, CT — May 2, 2017 On June 1, 2017, Vibrant Health, a leading manufacturer of dietary supplements, will release version 2.0 of their award-winning supplement, Trilogy — packing even more nutrition into their convenient, daily power packs. Each packet contains the top three supplements highly recommended by health practitioners: a Multivitamin, a Probiotic, and an Omega-3 fish oil.

In Trilogy 2.0, the fish oil softgel is fortified with vitamins D3 and B12 in.

Vitamin D3, as reinforced by research over the past decade, is vital in human nutrition. These findings give credence to new roles for Vitamin D in health maintenance related to immunity and chemoprevention, adding to the nutrient’s previously-known benefits that include skeletal health and, indirectly, tissue integrity.

Vitamin B12 benefits the central nervous system in many important ways. In addition to helping maintain the health of nerve cells, including those needed for neurotransmitter signaling, B12 helps form the protective covering of nerves, called the cell’s myelin sheath. Accordingly, when vitamin B12 levels are low, almost every cognitive function can suffer.

Trilogy simplifies supplementation by providing a 30-day supply of daily power packs, available in men’s and women’s versions. The version difference provides added chromium in the men’s variety, and for women, added iron.

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Vibrant Health has been family-owned and operated since 1992. Their mission is to assist through supplemental nutrition the healing of illness and the establishment of optimal health. Their promise is to design and market the most nutritionally valuable food supplements for the benefit of all men, women, and children. Delivering on that promise is a serious endeavor, and they work diligently toward that end for you. (

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