Vibrant Health Launches Their First Ever Travel Pack

Vibrant Health, creator of the most award-winning nutritional supplements on the planet, has launched a new and improved Immune Defense formula- now available in convenient travel packs!

In Immune Defense Version 4.0, Vibrant Health has returned to its roots with 500 milligrams of bovine immunoglobulins per serving: 100 milligrams more than in Version 3.0. The clinically-studied immunoglobulins sourced for this formula help to support robust immune function and place the efficacy of this product a cut above the rest. Immune Defense 4.0 is a powerful formula that will help support immunity and recovery not only during the winter months, but throughout the year.

“The world is not a static place, and neither is Vibrant Health. We incorporate our philosophy of Formula Obsolescence into all that we do. Each change to the formula is designed for the benefit of the consumer we serve. We are excited to announce the release of Immune Defense in a convenient travel pack, perfect for maintaining your good health while on the go.”

-Ted Parker, Co-President

Vibrant Health has been leading the way since 1992. We have always and will continue to prioritize quality over cost to produce the most comprehensive, effective formulas on the market. Accordingly, Vibrant Health, with a total of 38 awards, is America’s most award-winning supplement brand.

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